10 Pictures Of Super Hero Fathers Doing The Most Important Job Will Melt Your Heart

  • 10:53 am September 3, 2018
  • delcy

Fathers are like a saviour, protector, and the sole head of the family but when it comes to children they would do anything to make their children happy, but sometimes when it comes to taking care or taking initiative, it is the hardest job to be all rounder. Well, here these fathers are true superheroes who prefer to make their children laugh and were even ready to do weird and funny things just to make them happy. So here are the pictures that will surely melt your heart.

When holding for the first time

Fathers are like super strict but when it comes to children they would prefer to act like a kid just for their children. When holding a baby for the first time, the emotional trauma that goes with will melt your heart.

Because being fit is everything ant the only past time

When she tells you to take care of the kids and the most important job is to make them busy, looks like they love to copy their father.

Looks like gaming and grooming goes hand in hand

When gaming is everything but even you don't care to paint your nails. Until and unless your kids are around there is no mishap.

Well, grooming your father is the ultimate job

Grooming themselves is the only girl's favourite pastime but it seems like being the kid who loves makeup and the only model to enhance all makeup are the fathers, who patiently wait through all the time.

Oh! here comes the saviour and the super hero

Well, the picture says it all that no hero can match or compete with super dads, who not only protects but also the only backup plan in a risky situation.

All that matters is that pretty laugh

When mom is out and you go through all her makeup stuff and it seems like even dads are also partner's in crime.

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When you're a multi tasker

Moms are a multitasker in-home situation and dads are a multitasker in holding situation. Well, here this father surely did a PhD in carrying kids.

Father's favourite past time

When you're on holiday and even the TV goes off, seems like the only past time is to paint nails just to make her happy.

When you're twinning each other

Twinning is on a high level because they are probably like father like son duo. oh! you don't need a twin when you're twinning with your dad.

Cuteness overloaded!

Pictures say it all because the kid is not letting his dad play the guitar with his cuteness. Seems like the music was bad and the kid used his cuteness to stop from playing it.