10 Pictures That Changed The Way We Looked At Our Planet And Universe

  • 11:14 pm August 11, 2020
  • suhas

Our planet is a mysterious place and even though our human race has history of existence of thousands if years, we haven't even unraveled 25% of what our planet has in store. Here are few pictures that will change the way you looked at our mother nature!

The Bubble Nebula

The scientific name of Buuble Nebula is NGC 7635. This one is present in the Cassiopeia and is 7,100 light years away from earth. It was first discovered by William Herschel and then people saw the first nebula in 2016 by the space telescopes.

First Ever Picture Of Moon

This was the first ever photo that was ever taken of the moon on the moon. This picture was taken by Neil Armstrong. After this is the photo with Armstrong in it was taken that became widely popular. So technically, this is the first ever photo of moon ever taken.

Flat Or Round

Not all of us will be able to climb Mt Everest, the highest peak of our world. But here is the view from top of it. So what do you think about earth from here? Round or flat?

The Earth Atmosphere

So ever since childhood, we've been learning about Earth's atmosphere. But have you ever seen it? Here we show you our earth's atmosphere.


Its time we look at the biggest planet in our universe! We have only seen Jupiter in our school textbooks, its time we look at it here! Man this is huge!

Space Station

Look at the size of our space station in front of the moon. Yes, the tiny little thing that you see in front of the moon is our space station.

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On the Mars

Doesn't this look like our rover is taking a selfie with Mars? Yes, this is a photo taken by our rover on Mars!

Sarychev Peak

Have you ever seen how an eruption looks from up in the sky? Well, this is how it looks like! This place is located on Matuna Island which is nearly part of the Kuril Island. Believe it or no but the photo of this photo was taken by the Space station. You can imagine how powerful the eruption must be!

More About The Red Planet

So we all know about Mars but to what detail do we know it? Look at this photo and you will understand more about our neighboring planet!


And finally, here's a beautiful picture of our Galaxy to end things up with! Absolutely gorgeous!