10 Pictures That Prove Jason Mamoa Is The Coolest Celeb On Instagram

  • 7:39 am September 10, 2018
  • Hazel

We are all aware of the most popular show, 'Game Of Thrones'. And we are all fans of the characters in the show. One of the most popular rather attractive characters in the show, Khal Drogo is the most handsome man in the show. The chemistry of Khaleesi and Khal have already swoon the fans off their feet. And now Jason has also been doing Aqua man. That just made him 100% more attractive and we love his sharp looks with the rugged appearance. His built is goals for the gym freaks and a dream guy for all the women out there. Although he plays fierce roles on sets, he is quite the opposite of what he seems to look like. He is funny and gentle. Both the things don't fit the way he looks but as the saying goes... 'don't judge a book by its cover', this one has a surprising personality too.

Khal Drogo is stunning in real life

So we are all aware of GOT and we also know Jason Momoa the handsome hunk who plays Khal Drogo in the series and we are well aware of his attractive yet feiry role but what most of us are unaware of is his hilarious personality off sets.


His Instagram is something so hilarious that you might scratch your head wondering if it's the same intimidating guy from 'The Game Of Thrones'. He has 6.4 million followers on Instagram alone. His fans have only increased by the day.

His captions are really funny

This one picture with a miniature of himself as Khal Drogo is incredible. His humourous nature has us all left in awe. Only he could have come up with such funny caption.

Stuck between

His personality and built is so huge that he might often struggle with the small spaces. Whereas his co actor, Khaleesi aka Emilia Clarke is right the opposite of him. Look at his happy face even when he his stuck between the stones.

Another picture of him with the miniature of himself

Seriously though, only he could have thought of such a hilarious pose with the miniature character of himself. This one looks oddly proportionate but it is hilarious as hell.

He is fun around his co stars too

Unlike his character in the series, he is not at all intimidating or feiry instead he is fun to hang around and we love how he goes around shenanigans with his co actor, Emilia Clarke.

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Sneaking up on actors

Remember the time he was sneaking up on Henry Cavil? This had literally had so many meme topics to go with. This was legit some next level meme everyone related to. This picture is itself very funny.

Hangs out with his friends

He is also seen hanging out with his friends for beer. Look at it having a beer face with for a moustache. He looks so adorable for a huge man like him.

Look what he did to his fan's husband...

We are already a fan of his humor and this one picture is an epic one of all. The guy whom he covered not only with his palm but also his signature is his fan's husband. She is standing with him in the picture.

Love for family

His love for his family is something that you rarely see in other celebs. He gives enough time to the family and makes sure that they enjoy around with him.