10 Images That Show Light On How Our Favorite Movies Are Filmed In Real

  • 2:56 pm June 5, 2021
  • surabhi

Making movies may seem like an easy task but it is actually quite an endearing one. Every step of this process is truly challenging - be it pre shoot, while shooting or while processing and marketing. While watching movies, usually we do not think about the efforts that went into making it. Here are ten real pictures of how your favorite movies were actually made!


The Royal Bengal tigers in Season 2 of Westworld are actually human beings. If you thought real tigers were used in the filming, think again. There aren't too many left, to begin with, let alone making actors of them. A junior artist covered his/her body in blue overalls and sat in a certain way so that the CGI could later do its work on the editing table!


Stunts are some of the most difficult scenes to create. Seen here is a Captain America tossing around the bad guys with the help of a rope. The rope is tied to a pulley that helps in giving the stunt man a "flying" ability. These stunt guys not just have to maintain a certain weight but also ensure their bodies are not massively damaged by these "impacts" Tough life, isn't it?


Baby Driver doesn't really have a baby in it, but even then, the main character was not the one driving. For all those mind-numbing, driving skills the production house had hired a professional, who was in charge of the car and was actually hoisted on top of the vehicle. Baby, the main character, seldom had control!


Flying doesn't come easy, not even to your superhero. So when Spiderman jumps or flies, it is not really him doing these stunts, but stunt doubles. They tie up the "Spiderman" in ropes and pulley him through the scene. When CGI finally does its work, it seems like he is seamlessly flying around!


It is but obvious that apes weren't really used for the filming of this movie, but it did seem too real, didn't it? Well, turns out a bunch of seasoned actors did the job. They wore blue suits and acted it out while the CGI kept changing it simultaneously on the screen. Check the screen on the right to see the output!


This movie about shrinking people - or more like "downsizing people" is pretty awesome. Except it is hardly true. The reality of the shoot was just some rather enormous props like this paper for example, or a really large absolute vodka bottle, gigantic houses etc.

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Tom Cruise loves doing his own stunts and with Mission Impossible, he was literally having the time of his life riding those mean motorbikes. He has speed and he has tricks, no wonder, these stunts look so good on and off screen!


Matt Damon and his crew had quite a bit of stunts happening in Bourne Ultimatum. But not all of them were performed by the actors themselves. In fact, there were some stunt doubles who did the flying - jumping jobs. Like this one here!


Most flood / tsunami type situations are filmed this way - with good green screen settings, constricted spaces and of course a lot of water wastage. However, making these requires patience and that is what the crew learns during the filming, if not already!


Jack Sparrow may have intrigued you a lot during the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but wait till you learn about the making of the film. Every frame was so tactfully made, take for instance this one. This sea sequence with Sparrow on a boat was shot in a studio (like the rest of the movie!) and then created as a CGI video thereafter with the pristine sea water gleaming!