10 Pictures That Will Spontaneously Spiff Up Your Day

  • 9:09 pm May 29, 2018
  • Hazel

When you are confused or jaded, you usually look at your feed and then find some meme that makes you smile. Make an otherwise ordinary or dull day pleasingly memorable for someone, that is what these images do to you. Imagine waking up to these images and having a spontaneously awesome day ahead!

Right Way to Shave Your Head

If this was the right way, It would b entertaining to see all the guys shaving their head with that big sword. Now, Imagine the same with a beard. The right way to shave your beard? Oh no, mission abort!

Who did this?

This looks vulnerable! Someone was trying to be creative, or maybe he just hit those road cones creatively. Either the driver was high or fate is being creative! I wonder what the second car behind this creative car is waiting for?

Typical pose

This is amazing! How, profound! The guy has a really nice sense of humor. Imagine an endless loop with this exact pose, only instead of the monument, there will be people. It will definitely set a new record!

Ultimate Gaming experience

I live for times like these! It would be wonderful to have a gaming zone in your house with these screens and the comfort of a sofa, which will serve as our support. This is the invention that I was waiting to happen!


The dog knows what is more comfortable pose in a cloth chair! This is actually a universally comfortable pose that even humans follow. Maybe the dog is imitating a human, or we humans imitate dogs?


If you have a cat, this is normal for you. This cat looks so disappointed with its bed, but can't complain because that's the least its owner could get. He might be trying to fit in the box to offer itself as a gift to its human. Well, in that case, this is the most adorable thing I have seen all day!

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Single and crying

Is he crying for the bridesmaid or the bride? That's cute! But look at that bridesmaid, she's done with the child's tantrums, already! She's like, "Stop the melodrama, kid. I am least interested in your problems right now. Go drink milk!


This is something I would do at a sleepover with my friends. Or maybe given a chance I'd do this stunt anywhere! Look at how sound asleep he is, in spite of that weight! I wonder what will happen if he wakes up!

Textured cut!

You have seen undercut, now comes textured undercut! I don't know what the guy and the hairdresser were thinking when they came up with this unique cut! he's probably regretting this!

Smile doggo

I am both, terrified and happy to see this picture. Imagine all dogs with a set of teeth like this! It's like the grandma dog! The dog is just checking grandma's teeth set! How does it look? adorable, right?