• 11:26 am June 10, 2018
  • Hazel

There are a lot of pictures on the internet that are weird, funny, and unique in it’s own way. Such and memes and pictures that create funny illusion. We here, have made a compilation of such images for you to enjoy the day. When your day starts with fun it is going to end good. Hence, these pictures will make your day 100% more awesome than it already is!

What the hell ASOS?

This is what I was had to live for? To see such disappointment? I feel sorry for the poor model who had to put that thing on his head to promote it. I hate man buns!

Poor Pluto!

This T-shirt has the coolest one-liner printed on it! I want to wear this and inter into Nasa, just to enjoy the reaction on people's faces there.

That's definitely not Edward Snowden

That looks cute though! They made a toy out of him to make him more famous or maybe just to annoy the people who are against him. This is a real depiction that he is innocent! "Pardon, Snowden!"

I've never seen these two things happening together.

Okay, facts time! Rainbow is actually round, which is why you cannot find the end of it and dig out gold! But for the ones who still believe it, this thunder just shot the end of the rainbow to ruin the thought of getting gold. No one's getting gold that easy peep!

How insightful!

Nondairy but contains milk. Who did they think they were selling this sh*t? Firstly why do they have non-dairy products anyway? It is insane!

Oooh, those buns!

Firstly, why would someone wear something like that for an outing? So, just to do a favor on everyone, I'd rather not let her out and have her for myself!

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Be the change you wish to see. This is the most inspirational quote I have seen all day! I want to know who decided to put it here. Everyone should do this.

Chris Brown is a nut!

Chris Brown looks like a nut! Or maybe he is one...He just evolved to be a human only to disappoint humanity. This is nuts! Ha ha!

Short people with low standards...lol!

They don't judge but short people are surely offended by this. I wonder what comments I would get if I post this on social media. The rage in short people will definitely get me entertained!


It is definitely the weirdest band name I've ever encountered. I am reminded of 'loaded diaper' from the diary of a wimpy kid. At least that sounds better. And what's with this Samuelson guy? Why would he name himself that! Gross!