10 Pictures To Keep You Vigilant

  • 1:07 pm May 29, 2018
  • Hazel

The internet is full of pictures that amuse you. There is never going to be a time that will make you look at the images and think that you are bored. Even if you do there is always going to be something new that will make you think otherwise. These images are something that is like your morning coffee. Day starter compilation, in case you missed your coffee.


What is Rogue doing out in the open? Is she waiting for the war with the Avengers? Or is she just chilling like us humans? Maybe she is waiting for Charles to get pick her up to take her to the X-men academy. Finally, now we have proof that mutants exist!

Beer Juglar

This is what a real juggling looks like! Such a strong woman! I can't carry more than two jugs, but she's probably high enough to get that level of confidence. How else was she suppose to get that strength? 12 beer jugs at once, hats off to this lady!

Good choice of transport

He gave up on all the means of transport but the pig didn't fail him. Such a cute transport, it looks like the Beetle of animal transport. Cute and easy!

There are a hell lot of reasons you should choose a pig for transport one of them is that it is very comfortable to sit on, unlike donkey or horse, they are skinnier than pigs.

Just body-shaming animals now!

Walmart is life!

Walmart is not only one of the most popular supermarket that operates a chain of hypermarkets or a grocery stores.

It is also the most loved and the weirdest supermarket you will ever know about!

We have seen people being all weird and when they visit Walmart, now get ready for the Walmart fans. This guy is soon going to regret his choice of tattoo!

Nicholas Cage, caged in a body

This is the best use of Nicholas Cage's face I have ever seen. I am sure if I had seen this randomly in the garden I would have creeped out so bad! Imagine Mr. Cage staring at you while you change your clothes. Creepy, isn't it?

Why so confused?

This is my reaction when I see kids. Just Kidding!

Went to get a sunbath but was instead surprised to see children around. She's like, what am I supposed to do, should I cover up?

There are so many possibilities of what sight made her feel this way...

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Badass dog!

This is what sidecars are meant for! So that you can carry your pets around, for the ride. Imagine going on a long ride with your pet, and them wearing all those accessories that a biker usually wears. Such an adorable sight!

Cockroach hair pins

This is the most creepy thing I ave seen all day. If I knew this image is going to replace my coffee I would have chosen otherwise. Cockroaches are weird, even if they are fake. I am sure this wouldn't have gotten many sales and so they chose a model to try it on!

Perfect family picture

This is a family picture after some vodka shots. They think the camera is tilted downwards or maybe they don't want to be captured and so they are trying to get out of the frame, but the cameraman is more talented that they are.

Insects Killer

Why is there Hitler on the box? This is insane! I don't understand the concept of Hitler showing the direction to insects killer? Is it something against Jews?