10 Pictures Without Any Answers

  • 9:03 am August 1, 2020
  • suhas

Sometimes we come across certain things that do not really have any justifications or answers. they leave you confused with a lot of questions in mind. We have collected and assimilated all these photos for you to leave you a little puzzled. These photos are fun and we guarantee you that! You need to check put yourself in this!

Lazy People

Wanna know the height of laziness? This is the perfect example of how a man should not be like! Why would you not even walk when out for grocery shopping? We literally have no idea why people behave like this sometimes!

Hello Sir

Is this a dog that looks like a bear or a bear who remotely resembles a dog? Whatever this is, we'll call it lucky! Not everybody in this world is destined to sit in a super car, human or not!

What Is This?

So we know the person is sleeping but what is this posture of sleeping? What is up and what is down? Also, we love the reaction of the person on the next bed! This really is a photo that nobody can really understand!

Heavy Toilet

So we get that the elephant is super thirsty but somebody should've told him that this ain't no place to drink water from! If anything, this is the most unhealthy place to consume anything from! We sincerely hope he was safe and healthy after this.

2 People, 3 Faces

Till date people are trying to solve the mystery behind this photo. This is spooky and gives chills to everybody who looks at it! Nobody has any explanation to this whatsoever! Is this edited? Well, some really believe it isn't!

That Door

We are still trying to figure out whether the elevator is inside the toilet or toilet inside the elevator! Why will anyone have this door in the toilet otherwise? People are weird and they do weird things! This is one such example of weirdness we are talking about!

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Wrong Place

This woman surely needs to know more about her car. it seems as if she has no idea about her car at all. Somebody needs to help her out with what goes where when it comes to filling fuel! Or wait, was she trying to do something else?

Floody Bucks

How did this happen? Why is the Starbucks yet functional and most importantly, why is this old man yet sitting there? There are so many questions in our head but unfortunately, there ain't no answers at all!

Shark Or Dolphin?

This picture was taken in Florida and you must be thinking what 's actually wrong with this image? The point is that Internet cannot make up its mind! Is the creature in the water a Shark or a Dolphin? What do you think?

Ohhhhh, What A Bumm-mmer

Look at the photo. So if you think there is nothing wrong with this one, you are mistaken. There are a lot of things wrong to be honest! Try and look for the guy lying down on the logs with his butt up! Yes, now you can never unsee it!