7 Psychological Facts That Define About Love That Are Quite Relatable

  • 6:15 pm September 22, 2018
  • delcy

Psychological facts have been the only key point to discuss love, relationship, zodiacs, and the compatibility. It is giving us the definition of love and the reality of life, that people might have experienced this sort of love in every stage of life. They have defined the importance of love which gives the information and the fact that love can be defined in a different way. So here are the psychological facts that define love that is quite relatable.

When infatuation strikes

Love is blind most probably the weird facts though because it would rather not make you blind but you will fall so hard that you might never understand the reality. Well in every aspect of life you might have experienced this types of love and the first one is infatuation. When you hardly know each other but are still attracted to each other. Well, both will have nothing in common but still, want to stay together. As it will grow into something else but probably not love, so it will better if you overcome this situation.

When liking happens

Well in such relationship, you might get into liking towards each other, and both would definitely have a common interest, personal views, and would understand each other but both would often end up in being friends rather you might not be romantically linked with them, as they known you in and out and would prefer to have a strong friendship.

Empty love type

Being in a relationship is quite different and also crushing on someone is totally different, but you might have experienced this stage with commitment and lot of intimacy and passion towards your partner. This empty love can change and will have a more passionate relationship.

Factuation love type

This is kind of passionate type and many couples could find it familiar though. When two people are attracted towards each other they would find this love type more relatable, as it could end up in luxurious wedding, but will lack in true intimacy. This couple might stay together for a long time but in a relationship, you should also perceive them as a friend and this will lack for it.

Romantic love type

Here comes another one, where this couple might fall and get attracted to each other, with all that intimacy and passion, this would only lead to casual one but they are not ready to make a serious commitment, as they might be comfortable with each other but it would hardly marriage plans.

Companionship type

Well, companionship type love is totally committed one, with much intimacy and the relationship would be much stronger than friendship. In this relationship, you would end up being too attached but it will lack passion. And this type of relationship would grow into marriage. So in every stage, you might have experienced this type of relationship that might get you much attached to someone.

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Consummate love

Love have to overpass this all three stages with passion, emotional intimacy and commitment, and if you have passed successfully with these stages then you're probably found the one. Well, you can barely see this type one, then they truly love each other. As such couples would consummate into marriage and most probably live longer and they will surely enjoy their blissful love. So these are the 7 stages that you have experienced in every aspect of life.