10 Rare Pictures Of Historical Places That Are Captured At The Right Time

  • 9:38 pm August 25, 2018
  • Helma

We live in a present but have you ever visited your past to just dwell at that moment or you just want to change the history. Whereas there are so many pictures from our historic days that are fixed into our mind like the world war, Queen Elizabeth, First nuclear power etc.. which made us believe that we don't live in a lie.

Queen Elizabeth

The royal highness Queen Elizabeth in her younger days where she was seen dancing with Prince Phillip in a country dance, Ottawa, Canada in 1951

Nuclear Test

To test nuclear weapons the government selects an island or a secluded place to test the weapon and this image is from 1952 where the Nuclear weapon test Mike on Enewetak Atoll tested.

Serving Food To The Soldiers

Soldiers are the main reason we are living in this country and for them, we are his main priorities and to think they give their life so they can protect us from any harm. This image is from 1989 during the Romanian Revolution was the man was seen serving cakes to the soldier in this ceasefire war.

This Sign Board

This sign says that the during the time when Stalin was no more some people in new york celebrated it by invited everyone to eat for free in this restaurant 1953.

Walt Disney

This rare picture of Walt Disney with his cat and his first drawing of Mickey Mouse, he was the one who first introduced Mickey Mouse and his art of cartoon series into this world.

Adolf Hitler

The man who brought revolt to this world, Adolf Hitler in his conquering days where he was seen meeting every leader all around the corner and in this image he is meeting the king of Thailand in 1934.

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When Royal Arrives

This parade during the arriving of Queen Elizabeth II where a soldier just passed out and this image is from the day the Queen arrived in June 1970.

This NASA Women

The first female candidates for the NASA astronauts in 1978 well they look quite dapper in it ready to conquer the world.


A French woman trying to help the soldier who is in the crossfire situation by pouring him a hot cup of coffee during the British soldier fighting in 1944

Burial Ground

We have seen many wars and also we have also lost the lives of many soldiers in the battle of survival but have ever seen the burial ground of a soldier during the war. This image is from 2005 during the Bosnian war.