10 Relatable Funny Comics For Girls

  • 4:21 pm September 10, 2018
  • Hazel

The artist who illustrated girl problems in the article below is Meg Quinn. She is well known and the artist behind the art by Moga Comics. The hilarious illustrations that she draws are quite relatable to the everyday life of a girl. They are usually funny but Meg makes sure to add that seriousness in some of them. As we are always thought but never really appreciated our body, self-love as we call it is also highlighted by the artist. To Motivate girls all over the world to accept themselves and breaking all the stereotypical ideologies of a perfect girl, woman. These are digital drawings and Meg uses Photoshop CC for the final output.

Love for cocoa drinks

There is no girl or woman who doesn't love cocoa drinks. Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves to taste the hot cocoa beverage to feel the warmth and the sweet aroma with the awesome taste of it. And girls by default have a knack for it.

Always portraying the positive

Girls are good liars. They don't lie to hurt others but rather to not let others know that they are hurt. Girls are quite strong and they think that they can face the ugliest situation with their strength and courage to bear the hurt no matter how bad it is.

Tanning is their thing

Girls live to get tanned. They love to have a brown skin which looks attractive and if they love to have something they go to extremes to get it. And usually to let people notice it they even prove what difference they went through.

Funny is not funny but cute

When you are told to be funny, you are not expected to look stupid in the camera but actually make cute faces which are a bit funny. Every girl has gone through this.

Always flattering herself

Even at the worst, she is content with what she has because someone else has it worse. This is every girl's logic and honestly it is not that bad after all.

Your best-girl-friend

When you are friends with a girl who understands you well, she is like your best bud, the kind of tomboy you get to see. A girlfriend is someone caring and loving, and if you end up having both in one girl then you should be the luckiest man in the world. Plus you have to handle a little crazy around.

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A girl can be lazy to extremes. You can literally not give her a dare to be lazy and win. Lazy is in her veins. She can literally achieve anything she wants if she decides properly.

She loves chocolate

Let alone cocoa drinks. Girls all around the world literally love chocolates like its their survival edibles. That's actually the best gift you can ever give to your girl. A chocolate!

They think they are doing the adulting right!

Well, small things like ordering a pizza or fixing an appointment makes them feel superior and they love having control in their own hands.

They love cats

There are many instances where girls do literally the opposite of what they should do. They love cats no matter what their allergies are. This shows they do literally everything for whom they love even if they know it is going to hurt them.