10 Seriously Confused People On Fashion

  • 11:27 pm June 17, 2018
  • Hazel

So, whenever we head out of the house, we dress according to the place we are going to and keeping in mind the weather and also the locality. We want to look casual and not some joker on the street, wearing all the colors. The compilation is an example of people who are stupid and think that they are fashion God’s while they just ruined the word “ Fashion” for us. The fashion police would really be annoyed looking at this idiocracy…

Denim shoes?

This is an insult of denim. Why the hell did people attempt to make this in the first place? This is so weird and illogical! It is just cloth and instead of covering your legs, it is covering your feet.

Where is fashion going?

Low waist denim is a thing for boys! Well, I don't know how is this fashion because then they should just consider wearing a skirt instead. This guy took it to the extremes...

Holy hell!

This is going too far! Why the hell would he wear shorts over shorts? Layers of shorts aren't going to make him look cooler instead he looks more stupid!

This is definitely a joke!

I like the girl's sense of humor it is just out of this world! That bra creates an illusion of the cat wearing shades! This is the coolest fashion mishap I have seen all day!

Who the hell came up with this one?

That looks ridiculous! Pigeons are just so random, we don't want to see it in shoes. It is pathetic! That woman had the balls to wear it out in the public!

All print is a big no-no

This woman broke the most obvious rule of fashion! Walmart is, of course, the most stupid place you will ever visit but this is gone too far! Who the hell dresses up in all print! And who the hell dresses up like that for grocery shopping?

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She's probably still sleepy!

Poor girl! Didn't even realize that she is wearing her top the wrong way! She should have at least checked herself in the mirror! what a troll she has to face now!

Too much fur...

This is the most pathetic thing I have seen all day! Why the hell did she wear that bear fur jacket? It looks like she is from the stone age. Not only Walmart but Subway is also getting weirder.

DIY Fail

This is an epic DIY fail! The person should have just got some jacket instead of making this stupid DIY! It looks awful! Hope the person realizes the fashion fail!

This is what I was talking about when I said about jokers...

This guy looks like a street entertainer! He's wearing a printed shirt with a printed tie and a stupid white hat and a skirt like a thing and to top it all, he wore different colored socks. And I thought I looked Weird!