10 Simple Things All Of Us Do Wrong On Purpose

  • 12:37 pm June 13, 2021
  • suhas

There are so many things that we do on daily basis and are well aware of how we are supposed to do them! But even after knowing how to do them, we do them wrong! We do these things wrong purposely just because we are comfortable doing them a certain way!

Storing Salad leaves

The best way to store salad leaves is by rinsing them and then sandwiching them between paper napkins. This will just increase its longevity! But we never do it! We never use paper napkins!

Cleaning Mushrooms

For most of us, cleaning mushrooms would mean keeping them under running water. But the best way to do it is cleaning them using a wet towel and brush. This will keep their aroma intact!

Cleaning Frying pans

We gonna give you a great life hack today. Wanna clean your frying pan? Put hot water in it and add a little bit of vinegar! Thank us later.

Cutting Onions Without Tears

One of the biggest challenge in the kitchen is chopping onions. They probably make you cry more than your toxic ex! But here's a solution. Sprinkle some lemon juice on your chopping board before starting to chop onions!

Opening Bag Of Chips

How to correctly open the bag of chips? Just make the bag your bowl. Remove the front flap completely and you'll have a makeshift bowl to eat your chips out of.

Opening Pistachios

Now this is a fun one. Grab a discarded 'pistachio nut shell half', and stick the top of the small end into the partially-opened pistachio. It is as easy as that!

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Wearing Earphones

You earphones keeping dropping off your ears because you wear it wrong. Just wear them the way it is shown here in the image and it will be fine.

Using Toothpaste

So if you thought using more toothpaste would mean better teeth, you are mistaken. If anything, a lot of toothpaste will just ruin your teeth! So use it little every time you are brushing!

Storing bananas

Want to store bananas? What you should do is separate them from each other, wrap their "tails" in plastic wrap, and put them in the fridge. We guarantee you the longevity here!

Using The Mixer

Wanna become a pro in using mixer? This is the correct way to do it! In fact, the best way to do it for that matter!