10 Situations That Girls Are Familiar With

  • 4:29 pm August 11, 2018
  • delcy

Girls are like Omega they are very attractive and beautiful, their nature are like quite confusing, that no book can specify them properly. Taking a closer look, or knowing them personally , you will get know them that how messed up they are. They ennumourous things they have experienced which are quite weird and only girls will find this things quite related. So here are the situations that girls are familiar with and it will very amusing to find out about their problems.

When you can't hurt her

When you try to hurt her but when she tells you that it is just surface of her emotions.because the next thing you see her, are the upgraded version.

Short girls problems

Short girls deal with many different problems but the world is always discriminating, their life is full struggle. Even the mirror is teasing them.

Mood swings

Girls are totally rare species where no one can understand, even the book about them will have never ending pages. Because you will never know when they are mad or not.

Ex walks by

Well when you're in pj's and spot your ex that might be biggest problem, where you don't want your ex to realize that it was never a mistake to leave. And if you know your ex lives here, you better walk like a model.

Instagram Vs Reality

When your a guy tells to send the hot pictures of yourself. Well expectation Vs Reality!


It quite relatable because here all around the world wants to stalk themselves. Well you prefer to upgrade your Instagram.

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Before Vs After

Starting the process and nearly making an entire mess. When you take a whole day to stuff your makeup properly and it turns out all that energy is wasted.

Class is everything

Girls are literally wants to look classy even if it means to stay classy. And she proved that girls will be girls no matter what.

Getting ready for a date

It's a date night, and haven't waxed and pamper yourself for a week. Well it looks like mummy returns.

When you tell them to cut only an inch

Entering into a salon and the only thing you want for your hair to get cut about an inch,which is probably not gonna happen for any employer, and they end up cutting a whole thing.