10 Smart People Who Are Way Too Clever For Their Own Benefit

  • 8:04 am June 5, 2018
  • Hazel

Smart people have an acknowledgment of their own perceptive and lack thereof that their lesser smart counterparts do not. They know that they will never know everything, about everything, and they know this only because they exercise their capacity for understanding. This is why they keep trying new things and get smarter on their way of exploring new things. This compilation has all the smart ideas smart people came up with.

That's just sweet!

When you try to help and do a lot of hard work but end up only covering up the problem instead of solving them. Or maybe they just want to annoy others with sarcasm!

Chocolates are love!

From now on... I will try this bookmark therapy whenever I sit for studies. In that case, I will study the whole syllabus thoroughly. I'll bookmark every page!

I wish she was my girlfriend

It would feel so nice to see all the food in the fridge have googly eyes looking up at you, welcoming you to eat them all. That is just cute, it puts feelings inside the nonliving things.

He's definitely going to heaven

This is what I expect in a metropolis. The city planner is so smart! I want to know where this is. The only thing that will be a problem is that you have to pay attention while you walk.

Jenny Or Annett?

Definitely Jenny! This is not even hard to choose. This double entendre makes the picture more attractive. Jenny, Where you at? I will find you and I will make you my girlfriend!

This is when you know your boyfriend loves you.

That is the face every girl relates with. When you know that your boyfriend loves you so you take him for granted and throw tantrums towards them.

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That's the best card ever!

I wish my mom was this amazing. I am happy for this person. He/She has the coolest and the most creative mom on this planet. Maybe this might make the person know their mother's worth.

Studies confuse you

I ignore it at all costs, already. The professor is so jumbled in his studies that he doesn't even have time to know the English language thoroughly!

That's a smart kid, right there!

Kids these days are so smart. I don't know what goes in that little mind of theirs. To come up with such awesome invention, the kid must be a genius.


This is what DIY looks like when you try it out your YouTube video. Jokes apart, this is a great last moment fix. Whoever came up with this is creative for sure!