10 Spooky Pictures That Would Frighten You

  • 10:56 pm May 16, 2018
  • vignesh

Certain pictures are memories which stay with us for life. With the recent advent in technology it has become a case in point where all the people are obsessed with pictures/selfies.

But as they say things are not always as rosy as they seem, certain pictures just keep reminding us why things are not that plain as they appear to be, there is something which meets more to the eye.

Why is he all alone

This is one of the pictures captured by a man who was returning back from work, this reported image shows this guy who is walking all alone in this shady night, he sure has bag full of guts.

Birds of feather flock together

This is a commonly heard saying but very rarely or very eerily we see this happening especially when it comes to bunch of crows hanging out together.This image is no different.

This better be a prank

Even if it is, it has surely got me up and running, maybe this might be one of those finely executed pranks, where the atmosphere and the character playing it spooky have all got their act to T.

Is there someone on the other side

At the first glimpse you don't care much thinking this is just another day in the office but later you soon realise that this is not that simple as you think, there is someone willing to greet you, but are you welcome to this idea of eerie greeting, we are certainly not

Who the heck is he

We all have that wishful fantasy where we aim for the sky literally at times, so it feels oddly strange to see a cloud hovering all over in the middle of the road, not in the background but out right in the open

Holy Christ, some more

When we were just trying to get our lives back to normal, we see that there is someone behind the tree who is waiting to wave at us, not welcome absolutely.

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Scarecrows join the party

We were all taught in our childhood that scarecrows have their place under the sun and their presence is just limited to the farms, but strange things happen in life and right here there they are who on earth brought them there

Selfies in toilet what purpose they serve

We often wonder why people are so obsessed with selfies, and then you see something like this. The new in thing of this generation, selfies in washroom, people are going complete nuts here and just look at what happened with the selfie there.

When I have got nothing much to do

There are times at night when you feel you have nothing much to do, you end up looking outside and what you spot is such images which will haunt you and would make sure that you continue your habit of sleepless nights.

Do they really exist?

By running in and around the house is funny if you wish to scare someone, but if someone does that to you in the middle of the night, GOOD Luck.