10 Strange Things That Are Considered Normal In Other Countries

  • 10:55 am September 2, 2018
  • Helma

Strange things like a metro pass through an apartment, Violation of traffic rules is okay in some countries and six people can sit on one bike et..well, every country has different rules and different laws which may be strange for us but normal for them.

Marrying a tree in India

India is a country where people marry a tree not that they love nature but they have some unknown beliefs that make them to marry a tree.

Little girl as goddess in Nepal

Ever heard that a little girl has been chosen as God for the people? Well yes Nepal is the place where the people chose a girl as their Kumari goddess.

In south Korea a new born kids age us 1 year old

Well they have their own tradition and belief were a new born is been considered as 1 year old so to think if he reached he completed his 18 years then he must have be something 20.

A metro in China riding through an apartment

Something we won't see often like this metro whose way is from inside the apartment and we are thinking who is living there.

Six person in one bike in Pakistan

Well it's normal in India but it seems Pakistan has also joined the breaking rules club where in a bike for two and three people they are making it for six people.

Violation of traffic rules is okay here In Egypt

We live in a country where people only know how to break rules and that's the reason we are bind with rules and regulations but in this country, people violate traffic rules like it's their road and they have no one to catch them they got the freedom to do it.

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People are fined for not voting In Australia

In other countries people don't care who is in election and who will win but in this country people have to to vote and if they refrained from doing so then they are being fined.

Women wrestlers wearing baggy clothes in Bolivia

We have all seen wrestling championship were women with short clothes fight with each other but here the case is different as in this country women wrestle with skirts and weird tops.

Slipper language in many countries

Slipper language is not your mom speaks with Slipper but it's actually your mother hits with it if you ever misbehave with it.

Orange festival in Italy

Orange festival is a very popular belief where the people fight with orange like Tomatin a festival in Spain.