10 Super Cool Inventions That Make Life Easy!

  • 1:19 am July 30, 2018
  • suhas

Science can do what most of us cannot. Infact, it is the primary reason why we have developed to this extent. However, this is not where it stops. In order to ensure that life becomes simpler each single day, a million brilliant minds work on innovating cool things. These 10 definitely top the list!


We all have varied food preferences and especially when you are running a food chain, it is essential to cater to every kind of customer out there and trust me there are waaay more than we can imagine!

So this eatery decided to play it smart. They now embed the contents of their empanada on the crust of the patties. Novel, isn't it?


C'mmon this is a bare necessity now, but who would have thought it could be used way more efficiently than just cleaning up traces? Well, the little hole in the middle of the roll can now be used to store another tinier roll of paper tissues. Happy rolling!


Everyone needs these, but lets face it we all forget it most times. Thus public places have now begun keeping this amazing sunscreen dispenser. It ofcourse needs to be refilled and cleaned every once in a while, but isn't this the best idea ever? SPF 30, friends?


We love our bikes and when something even as silly as a tire puncture happens to it, our day seems gloomy. For most like us, this little bicycle corner is a blessing. So now you not only get to park it safely, but also tend to little woes on your bike!


These bags, usually used on treks and hikes are ideal for the outdoors and can be one of those rough and tough gears you'd possess. So turns out Northface bags come with inbuilt whistles... you know the kind that ensures you don't need to carry one on you separately!


So that everything is smooth and streamlined, Bulgarian restaurants started using this little gadget here. Connected to the waitresses smart phone, these gadgets let you do the basics - call for a bill, cancel the order or even call her over. No problem about reaching out your hands, shouting out etc!

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No more home deliveries or standing in long queues or any more hassles between you and your pizza. This machine ensures you feed in what you want and that exact thing is delivered to you!


Hong Kong Subways are color marked and coded and this is probably the best idea any city has ever experimented with the reason being it is so easy to track down places even when you don't know the language. Way to go Hong Kong!


As much as we love our homes, we got to accept that sometimes it gets way too tough to clean it up. Thus these slippers act as magicians and are known to clean up your house by doing absolutely nothing, you just got to walk!


We've all been privy to those times when the toothpaste in your case is just about to get over, and you do your level best to squeeze out some of it...you know this always happens when you are getting late for work, or having a shitty start to a morning. But this particular invention sorts out life multifold with its miracle - its going to ensure you never run out!