10 Strange Things That Men Love But Will Never Admit About It To You

  • 11:41 pm September 4, 2020
  • suhas

Our patriarchal society has forced all of us to lead a certain lifestyle that we may or may not like. Men are suppose to like certain things and dislike certain things. In fact there is a set of things that they are not supposed to like because those are girly! But even then, there are these things that might not be manly but almost every man out there loves to do it!

Love For Shopping

Who said shopping is just a woman thing? men love shopping equally. Just leave them in a store and you'll know. Guys never actually tell others before going for shopping.

Bubble Bath

How many of us remember the episode of FRIENDS where Chandler just wanted to spend sometime in the bubble bath? The reality is that men love bubble baths and look forward to it on regular basis!

Shower Singers

Speaking of baths, men love singing in the shower. There won't be a lot of men who do not sing in the shower. They just absolutely love it. Only if you could see it!

Watching Romantic Movies

If your man says he only loves action or horror and hates romantic movies, he is lying because most of the men out there love watching romantic movies. In fact, they love getting cozy up with their partners and watching it.

Taking care Of Their Skin

Men care about their skin as much as women do. No matter what, they can go to any extent to take care of their skin. They use different cosmetics to make sure the skin is in good condition.


Yes, men love gossiping too. In fact. In fact, they love it as much as a woman does. They love talking about other dudes, other girls and discussing their life at length!

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S3xy dance moves

Once drunk, we all love to turn the heat a notch up. But men like to do it anyways- drunk or not! By the way, men can pull off s3xy dance moves even better than girls.


All of us know at least one person who loves taking selfies. Men are not only great and taking selfies of others but love taking selfies of themselves as well.

Using girl’s deodorant

Now you may think this is weird but its not. Girl's deodorant smells much better than boys deodorant. Every man in this world will go for their deodorant of given a chance.


And finally, who in this world does not love to cuddle? I don't know of anybody who doesn't love cuddling!