10 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

  • 2:39 pm March 28, 2018
  • bhavna

There are plenty of things happening around us which might irritate us. But many of us might not know that knowingly or unknowingly, we ourselves could be the cause of such instances. Today, with this write up I have compiled some of the most common things we are doing completely wrong in our lives.

Eating Burger

The accurate way to enjoy your burger is to place the thumb and little finger at the bottom of the burger and support its top with other three fingers.

Bobby Pins

In 99% cases, people wear bobby pins from the wavy side facing upwards, but the right way is to wear them keeping the wavy side facing down.

Holding a Wine Glass

Wrapping the wine glass completely with our hand is not at all a correct way to hold. In fact, it should be held by pinching the stem of the glass with your forefinger and thumb.

Doing Squats

One has to be very particular about the correct posture while doing any exercise. Like, while doing squats, you need to bend until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Eating Pizza

A pizza should always be held by folding it a little to make a U-shape so as to prevent it from flopping over.

Holding Pen

Holding a pen from the top or griping it too tight from the head is not the accurate way.

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Wearing Headphone

One should not wear the headphone from below, but it should be kept right at the top of the ear.

Holding Backpack

Holding a backpack, making it fit tightly to the shoulders will be more comfortable to carry than letting it fall down at the back.

Folding of Pants

Does folding pants a challenging job for you? Learn this simple method shown in the image to fold your pants without destroying its crease.

Expiration date

Do you know, pillows and bra have an expiration date? Yes, because using a pillow for more than 3 years become home to dust mites and lose their shape. Also, a bra if used more than 6 months lose elasticity, stretch, and become uncomfortable to wear. I hope these above-mentioned pictures will help you in one or the other ways in your life!