10 Times Shadow Showed Us Incredible Things That Made Us Look Twice

  • 9:34 pm September 12, 2018
  • Helma

Well what happens if your shadow turns rogue around you by really sometimes embarrassing you or sometimes making it incredible things which may quite look amazing and beautiful and you couldn't take your eyes off from that view. And here are some shadow image that made us look twice because of its art of making something amazing or funny.

This Beautiful Scenario

Well, this looks more surreal as the sunrays made the tree look like more beautiful as a painting.

Shadow Or Ice?

The cycles shadow looks like ice has been stuck there in form of a shadow.

Hi From My Side!

If you see clearly you will the shadow of the truck is saying hi to you.

Shadow Are You Ok?

Life beyond shadow where the shadow always imitates what we do so this picture looks really strange.

Cat Or Mouse?

We all have seen Tom and Jerry the cute cat and mouse banter but this looks surreal where the cat shadow looks more like a mouse.

Perfect Illusion

The plane shadow looks so amazing from the upside view of the sky.

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Everything has a shadow and every living being has a shadow but if you lit the matchstick you will notice that the fire doesn't have any shadow.


Well, nothing is wrong with this picture but if you look closely you will see the shadow that looks like beautiful scenery.

Illusion Or Delusional?

This stair is a one-way stair but with the sunrays, it looks like it has two-way stairs whereas making it look like 8.

Self Aware Shadow

This shadow looks like really pleased with the girl's awesome figure.