10 Times The Subway Proved To Be A Really Weird Place!

  • 3:42 pm August 2, 2018
  • suhas

Most of our lives are spent in transit- be it your own private vehicle, or taking a public transport like a subway for instance. Now, since we do spend so much time on it, it would be great if it was entertaining. However, these pictures from Subways may make you reconsider the choice of using a public transport!


We do not take food lightly. Infact if there is anything we respect more than our parents, it is FOOD and when something so disastrous happens to pizza, which btw is our fav thing in the world, it is the worst thing in the world!


We get it that you may be running late for work, but that ain't no reason to bring your table into the subway man.But wait, does it seem like everyone around him is considering this? Or is it just us?


This duo certainly has some style and we love what their tshirts read. Obviously they represent a generation that is way apart, but their co-ordination suggests that they are really tight!


If you thought life was hard, try traveling in a subway with posters like this. This is as demotivating as demotivation can get and trust us it is bad!


If this was to ever be the future of book reading we would be the happiest souls on the planet. I mean who reads books these days right? Like either its on your phone or your tab or your laptop. With gadgets taking over organic processes, this seems like a dream!


Clearly this guy doesn't know what subtlety is all about. He reads this book on the subway with a million women around him going like, "Yeah, a book would definitely get you one of us!"

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This man decided to show up in the Subway and play weirdo. Seems like he print co-ordinated his socks to match that of the subway floor and look, now he seems to be feetless!


When this dude realized that he ain't getting a seat today, he decided to make himself a hammock. We love the determination and his never say not sit attitude!


Let's face it, this woman is a out and out disaster. First lets start with her reading skills. Who reads their paper upside down? Seems like this woman didn't just get her reading habits wrong. Check out the footwear...or wait, is that her pant?


So Taiwan got inspired by the athletic theme and created a subway that looked like this. Please tell us how will this help people to focus on getting to work and not take a swim rather? Seems like Taiwan knows how to test its populations patience and commitment!