10 Times Unusual Background Photos Stole All The Limelight

  • 6:09 pm August 22, 2018
  • delcy

A simple picture can get only 10 likes but a simple picture with the funny and unusual background will surely go viral except girls. Sometimes you find a person funny but it is very rare to have funny pictures with strangers or someone photobombing it. The most important thing you find attractive in a picture is a background, they totally make your hard work a worth watch. But here are some of the funny fails which you may find it very hard hitting laughter and also roll out. They took all the limelight just to make your day.

Oh! looks like everyone is copying each other

Well, this person was clicking his girlfriend's photo and unaware of the fact that people in the background were also clicking their better halves photos. Surely a sight to see!

Drunk crash !

Attending a marriage is like checking out other dudes or bae's, but if the marriage is in your family than it is totally quite a boring thing to act normal. Here the girl was attending her brother's marriage and got drunk really hard which turns out to be the biggest mishap.

Great view from the background

When you find a perfect place to have an Instaclick but sometimes god forbid either the climate or the people will try everything to ruin it. And here it seems like the passenger on the boat is having a great view from the background.

AH! that look though

Well, if men will be men than take a look at these photos which proves that girls can never be happy no matter what happens. This girl gang are seriously dealing with a complexity. Nevermind! credit goes to the photographer who proved that girls will be girls.

Eyes stuck in the back

Might be dressed up for a Halloween party, this cosplay costume is one worth watching but our eyes stuck in the background, who is quite attractive to take our eyes off her.

The man can even stretch his arm

Seems like he is consoling her, but this photo is quite amusing to have look at. In both cases, it does look like he stretched his arm for a picture.

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Oh!moon tell me who's the fairest of all

Dancing the night away, but it seems like the statues have been photobomb by that moon. Which surely took all the limelight.

Daredevil stunt by cat

Watch out, buddy! this daredevil cat is surely having fun and will swing into his head. beware of cats who are professional in enacting stunts.

Parenting gone wrong

Bathroom selfies are always an ongoing and infamous trend that has never gone down well with the normal people. And hence it's proved that selfies in the bathroom might be called as bad parenting.

The peddler stole the show

The news reporter is quite busy with her stuff and looks like the peddler got starstruck with this female and turns out to be the funniest mishap. Starstruck went wrong!