10 Transformation Pictures Of Weight Loss To Motivate You

  • 7:44 am September 10, 2018
  • Hazel

When you skip a gym workout day you don't realize what you actually miss. You miss a day without working towards fitness. You realize a workout is important only when you see people who are overweight struggling with their body weight and this makes you think why did they ever leave exercise or never tried it in the first place. You judge them and blame them for the same. This compilation of people who decided to lose weight instead of carrying it around made a big deal out of their lives and changed it for good.

Christina Phillips

This obese girl was 708bLbs and although it is hard to belive that she lost so much weight to end up looking like this. She lost more than 183 Lbs and look at her starting afresh with the new life.

Amber Rachdi

Amber was overweight and she surely didn't really work out until she realised how important it is to loose weight for her own good. She transformed into such a beauty.

Dropped more than 236 Lbs

This woman lost more than 230 lbs and now looks absolutely stunning with her beautiful yet a transformed self. It is weird how losing weight makes you look instantly attractive.

Marla Mccants

Marla like all the others had serious eating habits because of which she was bloated with fats but when she decided to workout and lose weight, she dropped to 300lbs from 800 lbs.

Donald Shelton

Look at the guy in the left with his huge body wearing a huge red t. Now look at the right image. Looks like 2 totally different people but actually it is Donald Shelton, and his before and after images are a real motivation.

Nikki Webster

Nikki was a overweight, weighing 649 lbs and dropped more than 235lbs and she looks absolutely stunning by loosing that extra weight. Her smile is of content of what she has achieved in the long run.

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Laura Perez

This picture also looks like they are two different people but actually it is Laura Perez. She was so obese that she had this condition ruin her health so much that she would need medical attention. But when she decided to loose weight she lost more than 380 lbs.

Bettie Joe

Bettie was overweight and not only that, she was even unable to move from places. And she would have soon realised that she needs to get herself into shape and so she lost around 200 lbs.

Paula Jones

Paula was as big and huge as any overweight in America and she decided to lose weight and dropped about 269 lbs and this is enough motivation for anyone to take up working out seriously and get in shape.

June Mccamy

The overweight who weighted 600lbs dropped upto 370 lbs and transformed into a lady in shape for losing more weight than before and achieve the goal she has set.