10 Ultimate Reason That Why Women Live Longer Than Men

  • 5:04 pm July 21, 2018
  • delcy

Women are more organised one but except driving, which is a universal problem. If you're having a bad day or dealing with worst job, these photos may cheer you up because what funny thing can make your day. But these photos which shows that men will never change and intelligence are totally bravo. So here are the ultimate reason which proves that why women live longer than men.

A good way to move out

According to scientific reason, no god or any omnipresent can change the behaviour of a men. And hence proved that men will be men and no one can take the crown from them. Well it is better to move your stuff from window.


Well it is better to skip the work rather than do the daredevil stuff and this one is giving us goosebumps to even do these stunts.

When bae is life

Because men will be men and hence proved that no one can take that tag fro men. Well anything for bae even it means , you have to wear a plastic bottle for the same, well survival is must.

Oh! lemme take a nap

It is good to take a nap but this one is truly amazing because to show your daredevil is good but in the most unusual way is not acceptable. Well it is fine until he fell off.

Never knew pyramid can be this useful

Well you have seen many pyramid but never saw the good use of these pyramid and this one is surely a unusual strength of friends to finish of work .

True friendship

Dear I just moved in,just helped me with the stuff. But these seems like the stuff are having fun with the easy way out. Because united we stand divided we fall.

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King size life

Oh! here comes an another of the daredevil season. Even if the daredevil show approach him, these guy will surely take the prize. Well looks like he is having a comfy time.

Hold on a second!

Trust is something we should never be broken and these one surely proves that trust can even lead you to mud or you can say there is thin line between trust and safety. And this one surely proves that trust should be kept aside and focus on safety.

We will just wait here and watch

Well when boss tells you work on your own, you better complete your work on your own. Looks like the others are busy watching the next thing to happen. Or you can say just wait for the something dramatic to happen.

When boss your your work to be done in 5 min.

If you got a deadline to finish your work till for one hour and this one proves that to finish work, you need unity and hence proved that work comes first. Great strategy!