10 Unusual Marriage Proposals That Will Make Your Day

  • 4:27 pm September 22, 2018
  • Helma

Well there are people who do simple marriage proposal and some are just making it in an extraordinary way by proposing it in a strange way that can even make us feel like butterflies and even believe in love that are impossible in this world and there are some couples who make us fall in love all over again.

Tattoo Proposal

This guy asked his girlfriend who was a tattoo artist to put some ink into his leg and when she was about to do it she saw one picture which said will you marry me with that she gladly said yes.

Aquarium Proposal

This guy hired a whale to assist him during his proposal to his girlfriend and when she opened the box to give food the whale she was amazed to find a note inside the box which said will you marry me and that literally made her heart beat faster.

Ice Cream Proposal

He ordered a special ice cream for his girlfriend and in bold emoji type letter it said will you marry me with that inscription she couldn't say no to him.

Library Proposal

He ordered a book illustrating their love story and he purposely hid it in the local library before taking her down for book shopping. And after the surprise, she happily said yes to him.

Take Me To The Moon

Not everyone could come up with this kind of idea like this guy who proposed his girlfriend just by inscribing will you marry me in a telescope so when she looked into the moon she saw that and said yes to him.


They had a long distance relationship and they rarely saw each other and after the separation, they used to left motes for each other in Starbucks so in that one note she found out he proposed her.

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This was very difficult but hats off to this guy who ran multi-kilometer just to display the GPS tracker which said will you marry me and he sends it to her girlfriend which surprised her and with all emotions she said yes.


She thought it was some sort of game in which she had a card which says marry me and she was surprised to know that it was actually true when her boyfriend went down on one knee literally making her cry.

Harry Potter Fan

He knew that his girlfriend was a Potter fan so he decided to make a thematic request based on her favorite film and when he took the mask off she was literally in tears that he is proposing to her and she said yes.

While Dancing

This guy decided to use this one opportunity to propose to his girlfriend and you can see the whole proposal in this video.