10 Valuable Tips People Should Give Their Younger Selves!

  • 10:56 am June 14, 2021
  • surabhi

Remember the young you? Some of us would have been reckless, rebellious while some may have been poised and introverted. Whoever we were all those years ago, seems to be now evolved. What we are today, is primarily because of how we were in our past. However, we bet if you got a chance to correct something back in your younger days, you would. Wouldn't you? Well, everyone thinks just like this. That is why, we collated the ten most common advices that people would love to give their younger selves!


There will be numerous accounts of self doubt. Demons of the past will keep haunting you. There will be multiple external stimuli asking you to quit - BUT DON'T. Follow your heart and you will see that you can achieve the most wonderful things in the world. All is well and you are doing just perfectly fine. Do not doubt yourself!


Drinking, smoking, consumption of intoxications of any kind is injurious to health. It is something that everyone who cares for us keeps reminding us of, however, most of us tend to overlook these things and take to it. Call it peer pressure, or stress or just bad habits, the truth is, most of us succumb. DON'T. You will soon realize what it does to your body and by then it could be too late to save yourself!


NO ONE KNOWS YOU LIKE YOU KNOW YOURSELF. This is simple, but we all seem to forget it all the time. However, don't allow yourself to fall prey to the ridiculous comments and ideals of other people. You do not deserve to be mistreated or misjudged. Each one of us is different and people make judgements based on their own social conditioning. Even when they are part of a family or friends circle, sometimes, differences do occur. In such situations, trust your own instinct. Only you can decide well for yourself!


There are bound to regrets. Not every decision you've taken in life needs to be right. That is what life is about right? Making mistakes and moving on. You learn from things and that is how you grow. So allow yourself to forgive yourself - for the mistakes you unknowingly made. It will lift a huge burden off your shoulder, trust us.


Your parents, mostly, know what is right for you. However, if you are an adult, you should learn to listen to their advice but take your own decisions. In any situation, do not disrespect them. They do not deserve this. They toil hard to ensure you are safe and comfortable and when you lash out with words, it can cause irreparable damage.


This is the least amount of sleep a human body requires to function fully fine. If you lose out on 7 hours of good sleep you are bound to fall prey to stress, body ailments, bad mental health, irritability and even anger issues. You can avoid all of this and just be peaceful. All you got to do is ensure at least 7 hours of uninterrupted, peaceful sleep!

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Life is a race - but not with others, with yourself. Constantly analyze yourself with the past version of yourself. You are bound to see improvements. Everyone in the world is running at their own speeds, you are too. But when you compare yourself with someone in the other race, you are bound to feel frustrated and irritated. However, if you compare yourself with the past version of you, you yourself will see the growth and development.


There will be a lot of times when you'd want to prioritize "fun" over something as basic as health. You'd want to perhaps go out with friends on long drives than take care of your ailing grandparent. You would probably want to quit studying and start working in order to rake in those extra bucks. At all such times or similar, know that these things can be momentary. Your priority in your younger days defines what and who you became in your later years. So prioritize well!


Procrastination is a vice and most people realize this too late in life. By the time they get to doing things, it is too late. This causes unnecessary stress and chaos and ruins one's mental state. People spend hours on phones, social media apps just mindlessly scrolling. This also leads to anxiety. So stop. Rethink what you are doing and stop procrastinating!


There will be numerous points in your life which will cause you immense stress - studies, marriage, work, family pressures etc. However, do not fret. This too shall pass. Take it easy and keep it simple. Follow your heart and it will take you to good places. All the best!