8 Very Rare Pictures Of Marilyn Monroe

  • 4:14 pm May 23, 2018
  • mariam

Marilyn Monroe was a very famous actress and model from America. She was a very popular actress of 1950’s and has huge fans across the generations. She looks so charming and did many amazing photoshoots which are too hot to handle. I am sure many of you would love to see some rare moments from her life. Her few weird, hot and sensuous pictures we have found here. On 15 September 1954, the 61 years since the famous picture of Marilyn Monroe, laughing as her skirt is blown up by the blast from a subway is shot during the filming of The Seven Year Itch.

Coat Holder

In this picture, we can see she is being helped into her coat by Ciro's restaurant owner Herman Hover in 1957. Her charming personality is so attractive the way she is behaving in the finest way from in town. She was the very popular personality of the town.

Admiration Of The Town in 1956

In this picture, she is totally into admiration and love for her husband. And just like millions of fans out there, she has found a huge fan for herself in her husband as well. Her husband Arthur Miller hugging her tightly but her smile took the limelight.

At Dinner

In a New York City restaurant in March 1955, She was all poise while having dinner at the restaurant. But her picture of admiring the wallpaper art is so beautiful. Her little smile shows the simplicity of her. She found relaxing.

At An Award Function

She is looking so serious and lonely at the Hollywood's first Annual International Film Festival on January 26, 1952. We can also see an award which she must have received on that day.

Before Fame 1941

Marilyn was originally known as Norma Jean Baker before she became the famous celebrity, Marlyn Monroe that she is today. She was a stunner even back then.

Reading In An Open Environment

Reading in Los Angeles in August 1956. One of those moments where you can catch a glimpse of this beauty with a book in Los Angeles. Such a beautiful picture with nature captured in the background.

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If she was still alive and we doubt that her style will have to suffer because of her age. The picture captures her having fun checking out her wardrobe options in 1960.


She was a model, she has taken many pictures. Many of them are a symbol of beauty, while others are still remaining unseen.

But nothing like these rarely seen photos of the actress that show us a different side of Marilyn Monroe giving an autograph to her fans.