10 Weird And Crazy Facts And You Didn’t Know

  • 5:42 pm June 21, 2018
  • Hazel

It won’t hurt to know a little trivia. And these facts will definitely give your brain the boost it needs. These interesting facts are to make you aware of the world you live in and have a good general knowledge of everything around. So, to get started with…you will be really surprised to know about the masks that exist and the trends that are followed or the basic facts that have roots deep in the history. More of, this compilation will give you the idea of how weird things exist in this world that you never knew about.

Emergency Bra doubles

You would have never thought that of your bra as your respiratory face mask. Yes, this is true...The Emergency Bra doubles can be used not only as breast support and respiratory face mask.

Gold Particles

So, the next time you see a tree you are probably going to think about its richness. Not only nutritionally or because it provides fresh air but because it can absorb Gold particles through a biochemical process.

Queen Elizabeth II answers to no one

This is true that the longest reigning monarch in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II is not answerable to anyone. Now you know why she has never given a press interview

Raising a Dog

So, when you decide to adopt a dog, you might not think about raising costs that you would spend over it. Approximately it costs $5,978 annually to raise a medium sized dog till the age of 11. That's a lot of money to spend on a pet!

Incredible Japan

Japan is everything but normal. Literally, everything they do is miles away from what the other world thinks or does. Their government actually measures its citizens’ waistlines to make sure they are not overweight.

Gold facials

So, this is one thing that you might wanna try out ladies... This is the incredible, gold facial. Yes, this exists! Spas are offering 24-carat gold facials to keep the skin looking younger and improve elasticity.

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“Dream Girl”

Ever wondered of getting a spine treatment of diamonds? Well, this $1 million dollars worth of diamonds is set on the spine to loosen the knots on the back. It is known as the “Dream Girl” treatment. It also includes leaving 1.5 carats of powdered diamonds to release all the toxins in the body.

Saint of Beer!

There is a saint of beer! Yes, you read right! Saint Arnold of Soissons is the patron saint of beer who encouraged local peasants to drink beer, quoting “the gift of health.” His brewery saved many lives during the plague in Belgium

iPhones are expensive as hell!

This one 17-year-old in China gave up one of his kidneys in exchange for enough money. From which he bought his own iPhone and iPad. Now we know where the meme actually started!

Passwords in pills

This is an incredible invention. Motorola has created the “authentication vitamin.” When the pill is digested it will unlock all your devices. We don't need to worry about forgetting the passwords all the time, now.