10 Weird And Funny Mannequins Moment In History Ever

  • 1:45 pm June 30, 2018
  • mariam

Mannequins are quite weird. Because we usually see them in weird poses and the fact that they don’t usually get to change their how they are made makes it weird when they change the place or the outfit. We are talking about the ones who are hilariously placed. There are many mannequins in the stores and they are poised differently so that we could check the clothes in different positions that our human bodies make. They surely live terrible lives, while being escorted by the employees of the stores and then handled by the customers. But these compilation of mannequins are so hilarious that you will never ever look at mannequins as a non living thing, ever!

So Relatable

A Naughty Employee being perverted and made this mannequin look weird and funny too. This naughtiness can affect his job. Cheers to the employee for an everyday pose.

Perfect Dad Suit

Finally some realistic expectations. Whenever we go to malls we often see hot mannequins and that stops us to wear such clothes but after looking at this it shows reality.

Employ After Receiving Salary

The moment when employees receive salary and decide to go out for hanging out. This is exactly what it is. Looks so exciting and funny. I had like all mannequins was like them in order of those unnatural poses

Too Weird To See

Urrgh! advertising underwear but in a weird way which will make you go away from the shop. Yet another Unrealistic mannequin for women.

Huge monster like man

Mannequin for big size is too strange to watch as it is very uncommon. This will make you laugh at first glance and that's for sure.

Why so sad?

I think they were supposed to make it look glamorous on the face but then they failed and made a sad-faced mannequin instead.

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What a figure!

Mannequins like these are the realistic view, revealing the store employees mindset. They do not care how it looks on the customer. They only care about the sales and so they tell you that it looks good on you no matter what!

What did he have in mind?

This has been the most awkward mannequin I have ever seen. What are they trying to show? This is some bizarre pose to show off only clothes.

Just mimicking the weirdness...

This guy is exceptionally hilarious! And the one who made the mannequin has accomplished what he had in mind! This should be considered a trending pose for pictures everywhere. This might just change the selfie game!

Is this some music video?

This pose looks like it is some music video in which this mannequin is starring. I think they were supposed to make it a female mannequin but then ended up making a male mannequin instead!