10 Weirdest Fashion Decision Designers Have Ever Made

  • 1:48 pm August 20, 2018
  • Helma

Fashion has changed alot with time and every time it became harder and more weirder with fashion. To bring something new or to try some extraordinary they bring various type of fashion which just go beyond our heads and we think why they even went this far to bring something new into a trend. Well, here are some weird fashions designs which look very strange for our eyes.

Why You Even Need Pants

Well, girls we know ripped jeans are in fashion but sometimes fashion is just for fashion not for your work because it will disrupt your working ethics.

Animal Attack?

And here is the new trend where you can see everyone wearing animal attack jeans which in the sense it is called ripped jeans. Well, whatever it is we just it should be gone sooner than later.

This Weird Leggings

Well, no one loves a hairy type of leggings and this is not into the fashion but out of fashion sense. Some things really need to change or the designers need to do bring something sane which are not like this one.

So Much For A Trend

We all love to flaunt our dress and bags but it seems the designer had tried various things to impress us that now they are selling this.

Its Not A Fashion

When mom tells you to wear everything and go outside, so you don't have any choice but to obey her. Goodbye fashion!

See Through Sweater

Why this thing is in fashion when you can see everything and why he is been told to wear this sweater when it is a see through one. Some fashion needs to be gone as soon as possible.

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Too Many Belts

When he is not comfortable with one belt or he just wants to bring this thing on a trend by wearing too many belts or maybe that pant is loose so he thought of trying this out.

For The Beach Season

We love this one because it gives us beach type feelings and it is the best thing for a vacation one. Well, we understand the feeling but we want to give a slow clap to the designer with his unique idea.

Heel On Heel

Some fashion needs to be gone because if you give them a freedom to make anything like you wish they will surely going to ruin by bringing something new to the trend.

Pointy Shoes

These rhino shoes are for the people who smell rich and lots of money. These shoes are also for the people who love to keep strangers and weird men far away.