10 Alertness Traps That Only Smart People Can Bypass

  • 7:20 am August 2, 2018
  • suhas

Understand these traps and you'll go extremely far in your life. Also, you'll only be able to apply them in your life if you are extremely smart! So, all the best for that!

Knowing Self Worth!

First of all, understand that boundary conditions for the IKEA effect is the increase in valuation of self‐made products.In simple terms, understand your self worth and do not underrate it!

People Notice Less Than You Think They Do

Not everyone is looking at you all the time. Stop getting conscious by assuming that people notice too much too soon! that is not really the reality!

Evaluate Your Risks

Be a smart risk taker and not a stupid one. Evaluate all your possibilities, positives, negatives etc and then reach to a conclusion!

Be Pessimist in Forecasting Task Completion Time

Every time you have a task in hand, be pessimist about the time you'll need to complete it and try to finish it before the time you promised the other person! This works!

Give Self Attribute To Success

There are people who are successful by external standards but they feel their success has been due to some fluke or luck and not their abilities and competence. Understand that its not true as no one ever becomes successful by fluke!

Attraction Towards Banned

Its a normal human tendency to do things that we are asked Not To! That is wrong. Walking on the correct path is the easiest way to reach success!

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Labor Of Happiness

In a study participants who made their own origami frogs and cranes valued them five times as much as another group of participants thought they were worth. The increased worth is not just about efforts but also completion as incomplete projects received no such benefits. So it may be easy for you to buy a thing but a little effort of putting a thing together will make you happy when it is done. So, value it! Go out there and try and make something of your own!

Repetition Create Belief

Why do marketers keep repeating the same advertisements over and over again? To strengthen its recall value! For repetition makes information so familiar that our brain spends a minimum amount of time and energy in processing it resulting us into believing in the same. Work with the same funda in life!

Tragedies No Fault Of Victims

Tragedies happen and they happen all the time. So in case you are a victim of some tragedy, stop blaming yourself, it isn't your fault! Move ahead and achieve everything that you wanted to in first place!

Keep Your Goals a Secret

Lesser the amount of people knowing about it, less the chances of any unfortunate happenings! So, try and achieve it before telling it tot he world! Let them see it themselves!