11 Photos Which Proves That There Are 2 Types of Girls In The World

  • 4:34 pm July 18, 2018
  • delcy

United we stand divided we fall, but here united we fall divided we stand. Because we analyze the world around us and think in both ways, we try to discriminate rather it is opposed but in some other ways, the world is still divided into two parts. So have a look at these photos where it is based on 2 types of girls, and you can relate to it. because in the world full of perfection, there is something which everyone relate to it.

Prom Vs Pajama

The world is divided into two parts, while some are perfect or you can say some are born with perfectionist. And this one is probably relatable, where one is enjoying their prom day moment and the other one is enjoying her pajama party.

Cute Vs Funny

When your ready for the halloween party, well one is cute and the other is funny. And it looks like one is trying to look nice and the other trying to understand herself.

Bad girls VS Good Cookies

When you photobomb someone and this one is probably the best photobomb, where there are one of the best bad girls and that girl with cookies is literally related one.

Ninja Turtles!

Well this ninja turtles are quite amazing, where the this ninja want to look more stylish and the other ones are quite fan of Ninja turtles, surely into more realistic one.

Love Vs Life

Well when you want to choose between love and life, what you will prefer? most probably life because beer is life. And that girl is probably being the third wheel, well it is better to ignore the boring couples.

Sporty VS Everyone

When you are still a learner because one is quite a sporty and other one is relatable, where it is proved that most of the people are surrounded with imprefection.

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Perfect VS Imperfect

This one is probably everyone, whats more important for the perfect picture, well its perfect landing or pose. And one is proving how to pose and other one is quite related.

In the Office VS Still at home

When you forgot that you're in office and you probably bump into office like as if you're at home. Because whats more important than being in a comfortable place.

Old VS New

If you got to choose between vintage and the reality, and this one is like real life princess came into reality. Looks like one is fairy tale princess and other one is 21st Century.

Curious Vs Loyal

Well this might get you in confusion, where one is quite loyal one and the other one is curious to know about all the products. But this curious one is literally everyone .

Adventurous Vs Scary

When your divided between adventurous and scary, well one is having fun after seeing the animal and other one is quite scared literally. So these are the photos which proves that there are two types of girls in the world.