10 Pictures Of Everyday Things You Will Only Get To See In Dubai

  • 1:33 pm June 2, 2018
  • mariam

Dubai is the richest country and filled with outlandish of luxury and extravagance. It is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates which is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. In last few decades, Dubai has transformed incredibly. The main revenue of this city is from oil revenue, Financial Services, real estate, tourism, aviation. There are amazing places to visit, they are giants roaming the gyms, Ferrari’s roaming the streets, and gold plated everything, there are many unique things that you can only see in Dubai.

Brand New Collection Of Costliest Car

Dubai traffic jams are full of luxury cars, and they certainly make traveling bumper to bumper more lavish. Dubai has all luxurious and expensive cars which you will see them generally on the roadside. The brand new collection will be seen in Dubai ways no need to google.

Unique Sporting court

Home to the grandest tennis court in the world, Dubai has the unique recreational sporting to extremes. The question is where do the viewer sit? On individual helicopters or not many players will be making dives into the ‘stands.’

Awesome Skiing Slope

In Dubai, there is huge resort slope filled with snow. Ithe indoor ski resort is 22,500 square meters and is located in the Mall of the Emirates. So you can hit the sand dunes and some difficult slopes located there.

Air Conditioned Bus Stop

Even the bus stops in Dubai is luxury. These bus stops are equipped with air conditioning so you don’t have to wait in the heat. This is the best place for homeless people who could probably live in them

Cops In Lamborghini

Even the cops in Dubai ride with this Lamborghini police vehicle, In this city car chasing, would look like something straight out of a Fast & Furious film.

Animals In Parking lot

Parking lots in Dubai aren’t just a showcase for luxury vehicles. If you can’t leave a pet in a closed vehicle, can you leave your pet outside under the sun? Only in Dubai do you get to witness people walking their camels in automobiles?

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Gold Items Is Normal

Dubai is actually the market of gold. The dessert options are incredibly over the top. Dubai’s Cupcakes store is home to the world’s most expensive cupcake, which contains 23 carats of edible gold. There is a gold ATM is located in the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which cost over $1 billion to construct.

Culture Clashes

Islam is the official religion of the Dubai but other religions are respected and practiced.

While swimwear is allowed in the pool or on the beach, there’s a very clear culture clash when it comes to the locals and vacationers.

Pet Roam With Them In Their Luxury Car

We keep dogs, cats as a pet but in Dubai, Pet cats look a lot common in Dubai. In Dubai people take their camels for walks, they also take their pet lions for casual car trips.

I guess they aren’t concerned with the cat’s giant paws ruining the leather.

Avoiding Traffic Jam By Skimming Across Water

In Dubai, there are costliest cars move on roads, Lamborghini, BMW, Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8, and much more such luxurious and branded cars. We usually see cars on road but in Dubai car is headed in water to avoid traffic.

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed has a collection of eight amphibious cars. He avoids all traffic jams by skimming across the water!