11 Times Karma Got Its Sweet Revenge

  • 4:21 pm March 13, 2018
  • bhavna

Karma has a way of sorting your life when you least expect it. Like for instance, there is no need for revenge if we just sit back and wait, those who hurt us will eventually screw themselves and if we are lucky God will let us watch that.

Toilet Paper

This is what happens when your roommate uses more than their fair share of toilet paper.Well Played!

The Unwanted Call

When you can’t get someone off your back, just tag someone else on their back.

Rules To Abide

Just because that person did not park his car over the line, does not mean he needs to be spared.

I Am A Thief

After this, I am sure that no one is going to try pulling this stunt in Walmart. A good way to set an example.

You Have Got A Junk Mail

`An innovative way to get those annoying companies to stop from sending you junk mails.

Careless or Mere Stupidity

By letting her dog drive not only she put herself and her dog in danger but also risked the lives of others on the road as well.

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The Cheating Husband

The woman’s reaction after she found that her husband was cheating on her. Serves them right!

When You Park In Front Of The Fire Hydrant

Such an effective lesson which I am certain the driver of the car will not forget in a hurry.

Play With Me? Now Play With This

When you break my heart, I break your heart and your wallet.

Ex Factor

I don’t really know what the girlfriend did that was so unfortunate in order to deserve this.

Steal It Now

What do you do when someone steals from you? Simple! Hide what is important to them.