11 Worst Selfies Addicts Who Forgot To Check Their Backgrounds And Failed Miserably

  • 5:27 pm June 30, 2018
  • mariam

Many times selfie fails to capture where unusual things actually happens. People make so weird faces to take funny images, they also include people in a background who are not a part of the moment and it turns into a big selfie failure. There are some hilarious selfies that are actually amusing. When something goes wrong and selfie becomes best and funny for sure. Like they include bathrooms, toilet seats, captures while showering and many more. There are 100 funniest selfie which failed but we found few best pictures for you all for entertaining you.

When You See It

The girl trying to take a selfie in a bathroom but she forgot that giving an amazing pose sitting on the table is been watched by someone from behind. In the background where someone is having a shower and this picture can create a problem in her life.

When Dad in a angry mood

Hey, girl, you are trapped and this is going to end badly and that's for sure. Take off your mask and look behind the hell is so near. Get ready for the war!

Caught A Mice From The Dirty Room

This lady is all set to go for a dinner date and finally she found one dress from her messy room. But her gorgeous selfie turned ugly because of the background. The Mess behind will remind her of this selfie always but did you notice the mice among these jumble clothes.

Team Selfie Failed

The team looks so exciting after winning the match but can you see a man showering in the background made it worst selfie ever. This is going to be the worst group selfie ever.

Dirtiest Selfie Ever

This lady tried to be over smart and took half selfie but she forgot to check her background where the dirty truth is revealed. This is the dirtiest selfie ever seen on the internet. This will make her feel regret throughout.

Having A Younger Sibling is like an Enemy

The moment when you decide to wear a bikini on a beach for the first time and wanna capture a picture. Having a younger sibling is like a having an enemy, The background pictures say it all what is going to happen after 2 mins.

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Her Humor is dirty like her

She looks like totally drunk and she is too much crazy to take this selfie? This picture left me speechless. This lady found a toilet for taking a good picture, but it turned out as a big disaster and an insult too.

Mom Keeping Eye On Her Daughter

The girl is taking selfie closing the door but she forgot to check whether it lock or not. This is what happens when we forget to lock and mom opens the door and checks what is going on. It is looking like photobombing.

Poor Lady became Fool

Model Victoria selfie fooled herself badly as she trying to look gorgeous and fair but the secret revealed behind this is just look behind and you will get to know.

Poor Guy Made Fun Of Himself

So close but... yet so far. The man tried to point that tower and this decent picture became funny for him. He is looking so amusing.

Too Much Engross In Selfie

These girls are enjoying having selfies but they forgot to look behind where a man sitting on a toilet seat with an open door. Eeew! so disgusting