10 Wrong Ways You’ve Been Cleaning Your Kitchen All Along.

  • 2:01 pm May 21, 2018
  • mariam

In our house kitchen is the most important part. It should be very hygiene because it is the place in the house where germs are more likely to be spread and it can cause sickness. In the kitchen, we are involved too much in cooking and we forget cleaning the minute things. Here we have found some amazing hacks which will help you all throughout. Yes, you have been cleaning the kitchen all wrong all these years. Here we have the right ways!

Cleaning The Water Filter

If you think that water filter is always cleaned and if you are cleaning it that is the right way, then you're on a wrong track.

Changing the filter won't be enough, you need to wash it with soap water and dry it completely and then fill water.

The Reusable Bags

These reusable bags are good for the planet but did you think about this:

You put raw meats, you even touch dirty grocery carts and then again touching your bags.

Is it you keep yourself hygiene? no, you have not yet thought of this yet, so think about it and clean the bags.

Cleaning Your Cutting Board

Well, you cut raw meat on your cutting board. And if you think you washing in a right way.

No, you should use bleach to disinfect the board.

Keeping all your glasswares in the dishwasher

You know why Vintage glassware loses their charm!

We should always hand wash them separately. Never take risk of using soap. Wash it with a soft brush

Assembling spoons in the dishwasher

You probably keep all the spoons upright or down, but both of them are wrong.

Actually, it will get cleaned better if you distribute some handle up and some handle down.

I think you should try this every day. This will keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Cleaning the coffee makers

If you wash the coffee maker once or twice in a month. Then it is absolutely wrong. They don't magically clean themselves.

Descale it once in a month and wash the tap and wipe outside at least once a week.

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The Garbage Disposals

How many times do you forget to throw off the garbage bag?

dispose them out every once in awhile and remember to send down ice cubes and lemon peels to deodorize.

Cleaning the Handles And Knobs

Women often stay in the kitchen and we touch handles and knobs every now and then it gets dirty and sticky.

We should clean them every day to get rid of the germs but the sad part is we clean them once in a week.

Cleaning your dishwasher door

You clean but once in a month, am I Right? But it is actually very much important!

Clean it regularly because of the number of germs and dirt build up there is not good for you family.

Using your all-purpose cleaner on stainless steel

You won't get the shine and clean which you want from your steel Utensils by using an all-purpose cleaner.

Get one made for stainless steel and then wipe with the grain.