12 Children And A Coach Fought All Odds , Were Stuck Underground For 17 Days, Their Story Has Moved The Entire World

  • 1:27 pm July 14, 2018
  • delcy

A news broke from Thailand which created a quite stir in entire world, the story of a Children's football team and a coach who had a excursion to the cave of Khao Luang. After the calamities occurred which flooded the cave and leaving no other option to held back there and got stuck inside. This story will surely move you because it has shown the capability of the children to survive for 17 days and the bravery of the Thai Navy Seal Officer.

The Cave of Khao Luang

12 children and their coach went on an excursion to the cave of Khao Luang, situated in a mountain park in the Thai region of Chiang Rai, which lead to heavy rainfall causing flood inside the cave.They hardly had any means to come out of the cave they went in too deep and they have no experience of handling this situation.

The Rescue team

They were stuck inside for 17 days, after no news of the football team, some rescuers came into action, they found the boys and their trainer in a few days, but they couldn’t get everyone to the surface immediately as the rains water had covered the surface, leaving the them with less and less oxygen. The rescuers started pumping out water and provided food and oxygen, so they can survive and it will help the rescuers to help them out easily. Well the corridors of the cave in some places was narrow down to 40 cm and were completely filled with water, only possible to swim through them by pushing the oxygen tanks in front of them.

Saman Kunan, Thai Navy Seal Officer

Well most of them didn’t even know how to swim and properly breathe underwater. Making the rescuers to crawl through narrow tunnel. But sadly, one of the rescuers, Saman Kunan, 38, died while delivering oxygen to the cave. The scuba diver himself did not have enough oxygen, and he lost conscious and could not be saved. This hero sacrificed himself to save children.

Prayers were heard

The news broke all the Nation, and many around the world prayed for their survival, and their prayers were heard. All 12 boys and the coach were safely released for the situation. Soon they all were admitted in Hospital, and now they are lives are no longer in danger. let us all thank the Thai Navy seal Officer who risked their lives to save the future.

Take A look at these video

As one can imagine that how hard this was for them to rescue them, because even taking a glance at these clip, will surely tell you, how difficult it was to accomplish this mission.