10 Laughter Inducing Pictures That Are Outright Funny

  • 3:19 pm May 14, 2018
  • vignesh

Laughter is the best medicine is something which we all are well aware of, many doctors prescribe to the notion that it can also be used as a laughter therapy, so just have a ball of time watching all these pictures!

Every cake has a message

Cakes are the most common form of celebration which people use across various domains of life and for different purposes, be it a birthday, an anniversary, farewell or wedding ceremony, cake is on the list of many. Here's one cake which takes all the icing.

When joy and pride both go hand in hand

Joy is easily the powerful and happy three letter word, which our big bad world needs a lot of. Small kids smaller joys, big men bigger sorrows they say and how true is that. When you are filled with joy for a reason quite personal it may fill you up with pride and here we can see this guy holding both joy and pride up close and personal.

Long and Short of everything

One often wonders the perks of being either too tall or the cons of being too short, but the beauty lies in the fact that one must be comfortable in his/her own skin, but just to have a smile on your face we have this not so subtle comparison between a short and a tall lady.

A Helmet to remember

Of all the things in the world this could have been the kitty chose to have it as her helmet, this would act as her defence mechanism, must say even they are safety driven, which is quite impressive.

One of its kind steals

We must have seen dozens of ways to steal something, when it comes to car stealing people go high on tech and make the steal look cool, but the same cant be said about the Porsche being stolen from this place.

Cuteness knows an altogether different level

Pets are an essential part of a person's life, they make their day with their little antics which is just so adorable.After a tough day when we come back to them, all what they give us is unbridled joy. Here's one sample which will bring a smile on to your face.

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Rule and slay like a boss

When you live life on your terms, that gives you a different kind of high, you are your own decision maker need not worry about anything not have a care in the world, this image is one such example of killing it like a boss

Cameras don't lie, so be careful

It is a privilege which is not always honoured by older people, the kind of respect we associate with people who have reached a certain age make us believe that they would never commit a sin. And then we come across such examples which makes us think otherwise.

They call it Popcorn, c'mon now

It is true that popcorn has a very distinctive yellow colour through which we can identify it easily but that doesn't necessarily mean that every foodstuff which is yellow in colour would be popcorn, they are at times bananas too.

She has some problem with the rainbow for sure

Why would someone try doing something which is so plain absurd just for the sake of bringing the house down with laughter, next time we witness a rainbow the first thing which will come to our mind is this girl.