12 Excellently Timed Pictures That Are Too Strange To Explain

  • 10:58 am May 25, 2018
  • mariam

We often capture pictures of amazing moments of our life. Whether it is with family or friends. Which is why you see cameras on your smartphones today. We don’t need to pay a huge amount in getting good quality photography equipment to click memorable pictures. In fact, there are some imperfect pictures which were not planned to click but it turned funny. They are bit awkward and hilarious too to remember by everyone.

Really Hot But...

Stop looking at her and find something strange around her. Yes, that green color monster which is captured in this amazing picture is also drooling over this girl like others.

Legless Girl

No, it is not magic or anything. She has legs but coincidently her leggings are matching the floor and it looks like she is legless. This picture was taken at the very perfect moment.

Pretty Girl

This pretty girl is posing with an amazing smile. Both her hands are around her waist, who is holding this glass? watch it closely it's the boy's hand who is holding the glass of her.

What The Hack!

Lol, this is not actually what you seeing. The little girl is playing with tap water but not what you think it is.

Too Hot to Handle

See it properly, At first glance, we see a girl with huge muscles but there is a muscular man standing right behind her showing his muscles. girl's hands are behind!

So Funny to see this picture

A big fat lady with the manly face you see but actually, a fat lady is sitting reading a magazine hiding her face which shows the different image. This will raise doctor's heartbeat if he will come out of his cabin.

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Lady With Beautiful Leg

The lady is walking but the person who took this picture is so smart and the timing is amazing. The boy doesn't know what has happened to him yet. He is staring at the girl but in the end, he was the one who became the laughing stock.

Dog With Split Body

The dog is sitting calmly but just look properly there is a bamboo beside it which will make you relax. The color is matching which made you confuse.

Don't Look Down

Oh! So Girl is not posing alone in this image. She is posing with a vase matching her legs which has a stocking worn.

Floating Boat But Not In Air

This boat is actually floating on water but the water is so clean that it is looking like the boat is in the air. What a perfect picture in this transparent water.

Really Perfect picture

We often go to the beach for enjoyment and to relax but here the scenario is out of syllabus.


This couple tried to cheer- beer but it was so hard that it spilled out and the date is ruined. We wish if they could control their excitement and tried popping up the beer in a subtle manner.