12 Photos Showing the Power of Black and White

  • 6:43 am August 15, 2018
  • suhas

It's time we start accepting people for who they are irrespective of their caste, creed or color. This world has seen enough of destructive incidents in the name of black and white, its time we start treating them equals. Look at these pictures that do not really believe in any difference between Black and White!


Nothing in this world shines as bright as black and white everywhere in this world.

Life is black and white

Understand the beauty of black ans white to the ones who's life is nothing but black and white!

Independent shades

Some more beauty culminated by black and white together in completely unexpected manner!


If you ever studied about food chain in school, this was probably it! Symbiosis much?


Love does not have any color. It is as vibrant as every colorful flower out there and as pure as every black and white feel out there!

Symmetrical Best!

This is possibly the best symmetrical picture I've ever seen in my life!

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Upside Down

Now just turn your screen and look this picture upside down. Yes, this is the best thing you must've seen on the Internet today!


If given a choice, which road would you pick? I'll go for either of them as long as I get this view!

Botswana elephants

Look at Botswana elephants at their full glory. How pretty is this!

Perfect Family!

This is how a perfect family looks like! Absolutely brilliant!


If this isn't freedom, I don't know what is!


This is indeed one of the most breathtaking images I've ever seen. Simply perfect!