12 Things That Are Extremely Common In South Korea But Strange For Rest Of The World

  • 12:30 am July 31, 2018
  • suhas

There are things about South Korea that we will never understand. We will never ever get to know why certain things in that country happen. Let's just say that it is normal for them but not for us. Take a look!

2 Valentines!

Love is in the air almost all the time in South Korea. In fact, one can say that there are 2 valentines celebrated in that country. on 14th Feb, women have to profess their love for men and on 14th March, men have to do the same! Wow!

Complicated Age Calculation

The way South Korean's calculate their age is extremely complicated. Contrary to other countries, the child is 1 right at the birth. One year is again added to the age when the New Year starts on 1st January. For example, if a kid took birth on 5th December 2017, his age is 1 year and on 1st January 2018, his age will be increased to 2 years. Strange, isn’t it? Crazy!

The Weird Belief

So this is a very common belief in South Korea that if a person sleeps with an electric fan on the whole night, he/she will pass away. Crazy, right?

Fast food restaurants deliver at home

If you are a junkie lover, South Korea is for you! There, almost all the fast food restaurants deliver food at home and not only this, you can keep the dishes outside your apartment after having meals and the delivery person will come again to take the dishes. Now that's impressive.

Hub for plastic surgery

Reports suggest that at least 20 to 30% women have undergone the plastic surgery treatment. South Korea is considered to be the hub for plastic surgery!


South Korean's are the real Sleepers. They can sleep anywhere, anytime! The education system of South Korea is pretty tough and students get only 4-5 hrs of sleep so it’s pretty understandable that that they sleep whenever they get a chance.

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Love Motels of South Korea

Yes, they do have a concept of love motels. They understand that their country is a crowded one and couples might not get enough space to spend time with each other!

Toilets but No Trash Bins

There are a lot of public toilets in the country but it is very surprising that there are very few Trash Bins around. We wonder why!

Another Use Of Toilet Paper

Apart from using toilet paper for its conventional purpose, it is also used as napkin in South Korea! Okay, then.

For Pregnant Ladies!

The South Korean government provides each pregnant woman with a special credit card with $500 in it. They can use this money for medical needs. Apart from this, there are a lot of other reservations for pregnant women as well!

Blood Groups

Blood groups are very important for South Koreans! Blood groups are used to know the personality of a person in the same manner as in other countries, zodiac signs are used. Yes, intriguing, right?

Makeup And South Korean Men, A Better Love Story Than Twilight!

When we say Makeup And South Korean Men, A Better Love Story Than Twilight, we mean it! The cosmetics market for men in South Korea is very big and as per a study, nearly 20% men put up makeup on a daily basis. Wow!