12 Times Creativity and Stupidity Walked Hand in Hand

  • 1:15 pm August 18, 2018
  • suhas

There is a very fine line between being creative and being stupid. These people here crossed that line by a great margin. Try and not laugh while going through this list! Take a look.


I am yet trying to soak in the fact that someone actually tried doing this! Like why would someone ever do this? How can people not be in love with their life ever!

Seedless Watermelon!

This is what happens when the watermelon season is upon us! Also, very weirdly this watermelon has less seeds!


Safety is a good thing and I think this is the safest man on the planet! Definitely!


Another watermelon case in the list! Man-o-man, people love watermelon way too much, don't they?

Creative House Keepers

Housekeepers are immensely creative too. They know how to get things going!

No, Just No!

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I like how they thought they need an entire truck to transport that small box ahead! This world is crazy!

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The one who thought this thin thread will keep the doors closed is a genius! A genius in the world of morons!


Quick solutions are amazing but solutions like these can take away your life! Beware of such shortcuts!


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Where is this place and who came up with the idea of arranging this huge ball of whatever like this right in the centre?

The Air!

When your tolerance for heat is as less as your brain! This man carries his own air!

A Little Long!

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When you want your car wiper to be a little long, this is what you do!

Fancy Dress?

Were these people a part of fancy dress show or something before coming here?