12 Times People Had To Spare A Second Glance To Understand These Crazy People On The Subway

  • 1:48 pm June 28, 2018
  • Hazel

When we travel by public transport we see a lot of things that are not only exceptional but Bizarre. You don’t have the choice of not bearing the sight as the public transport is for everyone and these people have taken the weirdness too far! And this is sure that you might never ever get bored of this. This is an adventurous ride where you might see people who are quite crazy to bring peacocks and foxes along with them in a subway. It is confusing if you are in a public transport or did you just walk into a zoo. The weird fashion sense will make you wonder if you are in comic con or something, and the bizarre costumes will give you the feeling that you are in a fancy dress competition. So, the next time when you are in a mood for entertainment just get on a subway train and have fun!

Such a cute advisor!

Subway indeed is a bizarre place where you will find all sorts of exceptional things that you would have never imagined. This time, there is an 11-year-old in the New York Subway offering personal advice for 2$. He should have sold lemonade instead!

He took a mannequin with him!

This guy seems perverted for the mannequin. This is hilarious! That guy is surely a psycho to roam around with his mannequin girlfriend! That mannequin looks clueless about what is happening!

Embarrassing Moment

This lady in a red gown standing in the subway but she didn't have any option to take the support of this pole. But her idea is unfortunately very embarrassing.

Man Looking Horrible

This man thought to scare everyone in the subway. This man sitting alone in the inside and scared away everyone. He is looking so weird, what made him do this?

No Cats And Dogs But A Sleepy Fox !

We have seen puppies and cats in a subway but this time there is a fox which is looking very lazy. As we can see the owner is busy playing the game and Fox is sleeping curling up.

Wow, is this a zoo?

Why would he bring a peacock along with him? where did he find it? Where is the peacock going? There are so many unanswered questions which make our brain to stop functioning!

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This Funky Bubble wrap Hat

This old smart lady is busy reading the book and she forgot to remove her creative hat made up of bubble wrap. She used this bubble wrap as a hat and give an example of best out of the waste.

Personal space cube!

This girl just carried that cube around with her so that the other people would stay away from her and give her that personal space! Think about this! This is actually a nice idea, but that would definitely annoy the other people who are around it!

Is that you, Jesus?

I hope this is real! Jesus had to come into this world again, this time to save the world from the weirdness but instead falling into the same trap! I am really happy that he decided to come along!

I thought that was smoke!

I literally thought this was smoke. How the hell do you grow such kind of beard? How do you do such incredible things? People on this subway have encountered a bizarre exception!

Where did he get those from?

This is bizarre! Where did he get pants like that? Firstly, who the hell designed this? What is this supposed to do? Make you feel warmer in the legs? I do not understand the logic behind this!

What is this? Christmas Tree?

Well, this one is so stupid thing to do! Why the hell would he wear that big green grass on his head? Is he heading to a skit/play to stand there like a tree? Well, that's the only logical explanation I have come up with!