12 Weird Trends That Kim Kardashian Made Famous

  • 11:03 pm June 25, 2018
  • Hazel

We are all familiar with the famous family, the Kardashian- Jenner Clan. The famous fam is known for their extraordinary lives that they share on a reality television series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Kim K is famously known for her attractive figure, mostly her buttocks. We are all aware of the bizarre past she has and how she became the famous celebrity. Everything her family does soon becomes subject to widespread media attention. She has introduced some bizarre fashion trends that are so weird, you would want to rewind her mistakes to spare the world…

Thigh High boots fail!

This outfit is just a crazy fashion mishap! She has an amazing body but it was ruined by the thigh-high boots which literally ate her attractive legs!

Extra is Kim's middle word!

Okay, her hourglass figure is her most awesome possession but showing it off like this is just crazy! I do not know what this dress should be called or what it is named but it is definitely trash!

Did she forget to wear a top?

This is literally too attractive to wear in public! This outfit is so confusing, I don't know what is happening around her stomach there!

See through Gown...

Because why not! When you have a figure like that you are surely going to show it off! But Kim takes it a little too far. We don't know where she draws the line in between Fashion and Modesty!

Why is she even wearing clothes?

This stripped see through bodycon jumpsuit is the worst nightmare! Who the hell designed this? It looks crazy! And the Camouflage Jacket isn't eliminating the crazy at all!

This one is sober!

This trend is kinda safe! She didn't outdo this, but it definitely is extra because of that vest belt! It looks like she didn't even think of the outfit even once. It is not effortless this is careless!

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Oh My God!

Is she wearing a diaper? This one is really weird because it doesn't compliment her body at all. Her buttocks are perfect but this pant just makes it look like she shit in her pants!

Plastic Boots...

Because of only weird leather boots that hide legs were not enough! This one is so surprising and looks so random. Like, she woke up and decided that she needs to wear Boots made out of plastic because she wants to show her legs off but she also wants to wear boots while doing so!

That's a weird outfit for a summer day!

This one is so stupid! Who the hell wears a thick jacket on a summer day? Well, if you spot one, that will definitely be Kim or her biggest fan!

Is that her lingerie?

This one looks like she stepped out of her bedroom right away! How the hell does Kanye deal with this shit? Well, he literally signed up for this when he married her!

She is so confused!

This one looks as if she is given second-hand clothes for the orphans and she wore it all together. It also weirdly looks like a crazy maid's outfit.

Are those shorts?

This is the weirdest pair of denim I have ever seen. It looks like she has grown out of it! Like the Hulk, it looks like Hulk's shorts! If you look close enough she also has her elbow length hair showing off!