12 Zodiac Signs And Their Different Ways To Show Love..

  • 12:30 pm October 28, 2020
  • surabhi

Do you believe in zodiac signs and they power of them? Well, truth be told there is a pattern in behavior, love, ambitions and even likes between zodiac signs. There is a reason why all of us universally have been clubbed into these 12 signs right? While there are some universal truths to them, there is one that is predominant and that is love!


Capricons are the toughest cookies when it comes to love. They are the kind that will take a while to commit but when they do they will go full hustle on it. Love comes slow to Capricons and they ensure when it does, its for a lifetime!


Their love for space is bigger than anything else in life. So when an Aquarius loves you, or vice versa, know very well that you need to give them space. They are usually faithful and honest beings and do not like playing around with feelings, perhaps it comes from their love for being straightforward.


Overinvolved and doting - these are the words that describe Pisceans accurately. This star sign is one of the most loving one and they love being in relationships and caring for their partners. Partners, beware though, sometimes it can get a tad too much!


Aries means a symbol of a ram - committed, steadfast creatures. Those born under this starsign are no different. Their fierce loyalty and passion can make any relationship last. They are the kind to take decisions and not go back on contemplations, so be prepared for a life long bliss with these guys!


Dedicated (perhaps a tad too much) and lover of independence. Taurus people are usually the ones who are go getters and know what they want. Ofcourse they question themselves a lot and this stands true for relationships as well. If you are in a relationship with a taurean, be prepared for a lot of patience and understanding nature. You are going to need it!


Geminis are givers - they will love unconditionally and are usually the ones making larger sacrifices in a relationship. But they can also get quite adamant, a factor that will make or break relationships. However, knowing their prototype, they won't let it break and will salvage it with whatever they can muster!

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These people have a weak heart - the kind that is easily broken by small fights and issues. So if you are in a relationship with a cancerean, learn to play it cool and be understanding. They are givers too and in most cases are the the ones holding fort in a relationship. Learning to let go and taking it easy will go a long way in keeping them in relationship bliss!


Leos are headstrong and ambitious. Nothing can stop them on their way to their goals - not even relationships. But this does not mean that they will neglect their love life. In fact leos are said to have the most colorful love life ever. They strong physical and emotional passions are bound to keep their partners hooked for a lifetime!


Shy and brooding - is how you would describe most virgos. But give them some time, and once you know they have opened up to you you will realize that they are the fondest partners to have for life. Virgos love honesty and loyalty, but wait who doesn't right? Be a faithful partner and you just got yourself a lifelong subscription to happiness!


Love and be loved - Libra's motto in life is quite simple. In fact for most people, having a libran partner is equivalent to heavenly bliss. They are caring, generous, love to surprise and keep low expectations, they are also those who would dote and care for you in all aspects. What else does a partner want!?


Scorpios are curious creatures and even in a relationship, that is the exact attribute that keeps the passion burning. They love exploring sides to themselves and their partners and whenever they find something unique they are bewitched by it. They play safe by their rules though and are usually dominating in character. Pair them up with a understanding starsign and you will see sparks fly in no minutes!


These guys are doting, experimentating, passionate individuals and they desire the same from their partners. Sagittarius people are thinkers and brooders. They work well with people who like the outdoors and hold a broad perspective to life. In their love life too, they are the ones bubbling with energy and ideas to spruce things up!