12 Times People Destiny Played A Trick On Them Which Ruined Their Day

  • 12:09 am May 17, 2018
  • mariam

These people have no idea what their destiny has decided for them so you might think of controlling your own life. That one day arrives when everything goes wrong. For example, your dress gets torn while traveling, or your friend accidentally disables your smartphones.

Her Cat Is Not Happy With Her Pose

This woman thought of losing weight for a long time but her cat did not like her yoga pose and even her clothes don't match.

Unfortunately, her idea went flop and her little cat ruined her dream of losing weight.

Girlfriend Revenge

I had a chat with one of my female friend who is the best friend of my girlfriend.

This is how she took revenge when she saw a conversation between me and her best friend. This keyboard is haunting me all day and night!

Her Happiness Of Shopping Turned Into A Disastrous Day

Her day is already ruined as her dress got stuck in the elevator. Luckily, the elevator has stopped.

She will never ever go in an elevator in her entire life.

It Is So Embarrassing For The Players

Players were all ready for the match but when they came to know the sponsor for their team. The most embarrassing moment of these players which spoiled their day.

Most Awaited Concert Ruined His Happiness

For the first time booked ticket 6 months in advance to see this… a smartphone view. I would never ever take tickets for the concert in my whole life. Worst experience ever.

The Lady Photobombed And Spoiled The Best Moment Of The Couple

“They put up yellow police tape all around the beach for this wedding, yet somehow this random lady in the blue swimsuit still felt the need to stand there and watch the whole thing.” Sad, right?

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Lady In Blue Swimsuit Ruined The Best Moment Of The Couple

“So, they put a yellow police tape all around the beach. And somehow this lady in a blue swimming suit felt the need to watch the entire thing.

Destiny Played The Worst Trick On This

This massive destruction is gonna destroy many peoples lives and also the material which was going from one place to another for betterment. Sea life is more affected by this big loss.

Moment when you lose your appetite seeing this

After the exhausting day, we ask for 3 donuts and a water cup came out as 3 donuts in a water cup. This is so annoying and spoiled my mood of having a donut. This is funny too.

Imagine a person who is too much hungry and goes through such situation.

Savage Girlfriend

The man left his mobile by mistakenly open while going to the bathroom, then find that your girlfriend has done this to it when you get back.” What must she have seen?

So Sad

When it is a girls night out and all of the sudden they invite their boyfriends. This is what the reaction when they are enjoying and spoiling my night of the weekend.

So Disturbing

It is really frustrating to work with tiny things and it is a hard task indeed! The person might have been so disappointed to find such destruction.