10 Morons Who Are Plain Embarrassment

  • 10:58 am May 14, 2018
  • vignesh

Certain people no matter what continue to do stuff the way they like to, irrespective of what the world thinks about them. Sometimes it may across as funny but there is a fine line between funny and embarrassment. And why on earth would people resort to such measures is something which many of us cannot fathom.

Respect Food Buddy

We have always been taught that we must respect food. As cliched as it may sound we were warned pretty early in childhood that if you don't treat foodstuffs with respect, there may come a time when you may die starving. I guess it is high time I shared this knowledge or basic wisdom with this gentleman. Since what this picture reflects is just more than plain embarrassment. It doesn't seem as an accident, it comes across as something which has been designed to look funny.

Swagger got a new name

When most people think it is best to rest by the countryside and count the stars in the night at that age, we few people like this lady who is out to break all the stereotypes. We are still not sure if that is how she intended to dress up or it an accidental failure to say the least but whatever it might be we have got to hand it over to her for her pure abandon pun intended

Quite High

People get high do stuff and later regret to relive every moment, relive only in the case when they remember what happened. We struggle to get the idea of how could someone enjoy not being conscious and go deliberately looking for it.This gent here is upto something which is plain bizarre I mean who does such things having the barbie stuff on your body, no matter what the excuse you are not supposed to behave this way. Period.

Please use the ladder

Ladders at shopping stores are meant for a certain purpose, yes it helps to place or remove things which are at a certain height and can be really helpful for people who are vertically challenged or for that matter even for those who have a great height, but the things are kept even higher. But this certain lady doesn't seem to buy the ladder theory, she is completely on her own and what she is doing here is complete gross, please make her use the ladder, please we beg.

Who Does Such Stuff

This pretty miss two feet has taken her "cuteness" to an altogether different level by getting covered up in trash plastic covers, this has got us thinking that what is with people who are hell bent in gaining attention in some way or the other. It would have been acceptable if this was for a certain cause, but then plastics what cause would they serve, we are still searching for answers to this picture, if you have any clue do help us

What is he trying to do

There are definite ways to show affection towards your partner we are definitely game for PDA (Public Display of Affection), as it shows that you are not afraid to showcase what you feel for your partner. But what happens in few cases is that the camera accidentally catches something which it shouldn't in the first place and this guy showering affection on her hand has got everyone amused

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They look way too familiar

We have always heard that there are doppelgängers who exist across the world and even we though we rarely believe that, there comes a certain moment or an image which makes us think otherwise. This picture is one such which makes us ponder.

Very interesting way of proposal

Proposals are fairytales which everyone wishes and dreams of, there are different ways of proposals and each way is dearer for a person. Given a scenario, would you agree to say yes, if someone pops the question in this manner.

This is plain disgusting

We normally expect sane people to be well groomed who take good care of themselves and be in a certain manner, this is certainly not what we thought is possible. Gross to say the least.

Too in your face

When you wear a dress which may contain risqué content you certainly don't carry it with much elan but this man seems to be an exception he is carrying this off without a care in the world.