15 People Who Had a Front-Row Seat to an Epic Fail

  • 9:39 pm August 3, 2018
  • suhas

If you think your life is bad, you need to see these pictures and think about the lives of these people. They are the royal acceptors of not so royal life with tons of funny looking accidents that makes it even more worse for them. Here you go!

Separate Payments!

When you go to a restaurant, order onion rings, enjoy that and ultimately pay for each and every ring in that onion separately!

Reckless Friend!

'So my friends at work accidentally broke a pipeline and as a result, there’s now 30 tons of flour on the floor,' said the man with the most careless friend ever!

Ummmm, NO!

A 2 minute silence for the man who thought it was grass and pushed that thing there. A little common sense ain't hurt nobody!

Pain Clinic!

Irony is this! If anyone made you believe that irony was not this but something else, they were lying!

Playful Cat!

So this how cats like to play hide and seek! Learn it there way or just get lost on the highway! Didn't make much sense, did it?

Take The Hint

Is that a 'No Work For Today' sign? Well, the man needs to learn to understand hints faster! Crazy!

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Home Schooling

When people said homeschooling, I am sure this is not what they meant, right? I am really fascinated by this. I am yet wondering how on earth did this happen?


Ummm, don;t you think this man's life is in danger and he needs to run? Well, I think so!

Wait What?

Did someone actually try stealing it. Slow claps for that person, his efforts and his plan! This world is crazy!


What was possibly the best cheesecake ever once upon a time is ruined now. My heart is shattered now!

Ohhhh No!

If you thought this was a wet wig, you weren't alone! But wait, this is actually something that someone made to eat! Clearly she's not winning any cookery competitions anytime soon!

Claustrophobic much?

God bless the architect of this building and the designer of these rooms! What were they thinking? Claustrophobic much?

Crazy Stuff!

'Was carrying this artwork to school when the pavement happened.' Crazy stuff man!


Take a minute out and come up with a logical explanation as to why and how this happened! Ohhhh wait, this might just need a little more time!

Bad Day!

I'll be heart broken if the television set at my house broke like this! Definitely has to be this family's bad Day!