15 People Whom Fortune Didn’t Favor at All

  • 2:18 pm March 29, 2018

There are certain moments in life that are unforgettable and it doesn’t happen to everyone often. But trust me some people just are unlucky enough to screw it to the core. There are a few funny pictures that would prove that these people have created the biggest blunder of the life.

Mr. President

I met the president. I really doubt if that was a dream or for real.

Sweet 16

I can handle everything except holding the cake until the picture is clicked.

The Irony of Life

Irony played its funniest card “It could be worst” quoted cup broke.

Handling Issue

Clearly, I cannot handle the fence and landed in the bushes.

The Creepiest Switch

The winner of the worst face switch competition goes to this duo.

Inside Out

All eyes on me when I was in the queue, is there something wrong?

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The Puck Hit

To get the best shot fans can even prefer to get hit by the puck.

The Adulterated World

To add a good taste hot dogs and burgers are now sold with paper and cellophane.

It’s a Hairy Business

Do not fire up your hair on your special days.

Life Sticks

Thank God it wasn’t on the seat otherwise we would have stuck on it.

The Face Value

The shot is great but the player definitely showed this guy his face value.

The Food Alarm

Even the restaurant wishes to cut down on your calories and so cut you off from the list.

Good Kisser

I may not get my prince charming but I did get a good kiss from a charming frog.

Scrambled Life

This man broke all the records of cooking the best-scrambled eggs.

Tissue Rollout

Not sure who is in the awkward position here but this isn’t looking good.